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Thread: How to save the RCT Franchise

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    How to save the RCT Franchise

    Dear Atari,

    Please consider making an official sequel to RCTClassic. Please ditch the RCT4Mobile/RCTTouch games, and please make a new RCT game that plays more like the same as RCTClassic or RCT3, but with actual improvements similar to Parkitect. RCT still has a fanbase and it would be profitable for Atari to continue the RCTClassic legacy in a way that actually pleases fans, by sticking to its roots. Your recent releases in the RCT Franchise have clearly upset your fans, and it might be a good idea to regain out trust.

    A sequel to RCT Classic (lets just call it RCTAdvanced for simplicity) could work as an expansion or as a standalone game. Though, I think a standalone game would probably be better. One of the nice things about RCTClassic is how easy you can transfer save files between the mobile version and the original PC version. That is so amazing!! If you make a new RCT game, please consider making 2 versions, one on PC and one on Mobile, with the ability to access our saves on both versions (just like with RCTClassic). It might even bring a smile to fans faces if RCTClassic saves could be loaded into RCTAdvanced, because its a feature that is true to the series roots.

    There are many features you could add to the RCT Classic gameplay, its not about the graphics but the flexibility and diversity that makes RCTClassic a great game! You could give RCTAdvanced a slight graphical enhancement, maybe equal to that of RCT3, but please don't fill it up with cheesey tutorial guides or overly simplified unlocks. Players who enjoy RCTClassic want more of the same, we want more scenarios with more challenges. Don't over do it, don't think too big here, it doesn't need to be that complicated

    If you're going to make an RCT game with the RCT title, you have to understand what makes RCT great. And the answer is the puzzles. Even Chris Sawyer himself has said the scenarios in RCT1 are better than the scenarios in RCT2, and thats because the level design in RCT1 was more puzzle based. Just watch some videos of people playing RCT1, some people play sandbox mode and try to make realistic stuff, but in scenario mode its all about beating the objectives in a certain amount of time. You could release a game with 30 levels, but if only 5 of them are actually engaging you just wasted a lot of time. It is important that each scenario has interesting objectives and is not just about slapping objects down into place. The size of the park should be important, limited space creates a puzzle for players, and every square piece of land you move in RCT mattered to your overall outcome. This is missing in newer games because developers want everything to be simple.

    If people prefer sandbox mode, then they play differently than those who prefer scenarios. So it is important to get both aspects of the RCT game just right. But sandbox mode is easy, just give players more options, more rides, more customizations, more everything. Look at RCT3, it lasted for so long because of HOW MUCH stuff it had. Nobody could touch RCT3 in terms of content for 12 years. You already have RCTClassic... JUST BUILD UPON THAT and add more stuff!! Like fireworks, underwater rides, performance shows, and more

    If you are a fan of RCT then you probably have heard of OpenRCT2 (if not go check it out) OpenRCT2 is a fan-made mod that allows for co-op multiplayer so that friends can play and enjoy RCT together online, while building in the same park. Such a feature would be amazing to have in RCT Classic and/or RCTAdvanced!

    Please Atari, this is the only way to regain your fans trust. If you make a sequel to RCTClassic and you do it right, it could be a game that actually stands on its own two feet without being compared to the competition, well you might get compared to Parkitect, but thats not a high hurdle IMO... Please look at Parkitect and the current state of RCT and go back to your roots. Enhance the RCTClassic and give us something we can sink our teeth into, or you might never get us back.

    If Only Chris Sawyer was on Team PlanetCoaster

    Signed, a true RCT fan!
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