Maybe we should put a strike on RCTW mobil or touch against Atari. Who is going to buy that game but us that love the game. Just don't buy it at all in fact let us just strike Atari and Nvizzio both. Let us hurt them so they can see what it is like. They both bear their names on the product they should both pay the price of not making this game right. I understand one thing. They have my money and I lived up to them by playing the game. They should live up to us starting right now and make this game complete and finish it like they promised. May I also point out if we take down what we made we are not hurting Atari or Nvizzio at all. We are taking our frustrations out on the people that is still playing the game. Please think about them as well. If we take down what we made for our community then we are no better then they are.