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Thread: RCTW Beta Graphics VS RCTW Release Graphics

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    RCTW Beta Graphics VS RCTW Release Graphics

    This has been on my mind for sometime now, what ever happened to the graphics during release? I feel that its way too over saturated and bright. The anti aliasing on High is absolutely terrible. Today I tried to pick up the game again and see if it was possible to scope out some of these issues within the game's settings menu.

    What did I find? Nothing. So what do you guys think. Is it just me or did something go terribly wrong before the game's release. I also tried some adjustments through my graphics card, but that didn't seem to help either. Anyone find any fixes or temporary solutions so that I can somewhat enjoy this game?

    Even during the reveal at PAX didn't seem bad.

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    I would play the game if the graphics were back to the way they were in the beta. I remember the graphical style was the best part of the beta and honestly, people won't play the game unless they will be satisfied with the look of what the create.

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    I have to agree with this. The overall quality of graphics was gradually stepped down a bit with each "Update". They did this to help fix the games poor performance, which to a degree worked. The only problem was, they then never actually fixed the game to give us the quality back.
    They just did what they had to do to make the game (and I use this term loosely) playable.
    All I have to is look at my old video's on YouTube, I look at when I first started streaming in May, 2016. The overall graphics were better then for sure.
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    I agree. RCTW is flawed yet playable.

    It would be "enjoyable" if the visuals more reflected those seen during beta. A bump in texture detail, true global illumination, and color corrections would go a long way in bringing this game up to a satisfactory standard.

    Beta was betta!

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    Honestly, the reason I stopped playing was the terrible graphics. When the game started early access, the graphics weren't as good as the beta, but they still looked pretty good in the right lighting (my favorite lighting was morning). The they added the stupid new sky box which completely ruined the great lighting the game had, the textures all started to decrease in quality, and my creations just didn't look good anymore because of this.
    Atari and Nvizzio, FIX THE GRAPHICS AND YOU WILL HAVE TONS MORE SALES! The one thing that every gamer looks at in trailers before buying the game is graphics. The original graphical style of the beta was great! It was realistic with a bit of a cartoony feel, which would have given the game a longer life than compared to giving it completely realistic graphics. Now, the games graphics just look cheap.

    Look at the picture of my forum avatar. This is the potential of what the game could be! Make it like this and people will play again!

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    That's it in a nutshell.

    Sales would increase. Player count would increase. Players would be more likely to purchase DLC if Atari was willing to put in the effort to re-establish itself as brandmaker. "RCT the brand" is so weak right now and this game is the sole reason.

    I think "Potential" is the keyword that sums up this game in it's entirety. RCTW has always had potential. It still does! It's development has been rocky from day one but it always had the potential to be good.

    Atari's lack of commitment and lack of care in it's core product is what has done it in. Atari is aware of what needs to be done to fix it. Nvizzio is aware of what can be done to fix it. The visuals alone contribute the most to RCTW's shortcomings and lack of fan support.

    Problem = RCTW lacks support. The fans struggle to support it. Atari likes to pretend it doesn't exist. And Nvizzio can't support it (see Atari for reason)

    Solution = Fix it!

    If the game returned to Beta level detail it would (for the most part) be better! And in turn, this would lead to a better community and better game overall. Notice the lack of UGC? Notice the lack of people playing this game? The visuals are a big factor.

    If the visuals were ever improved -- the game would feel more complete. Whole! Instead the current game feels hollow and looks sterile. It's easier for a Community, Atari and Nvizzio to rally around a quality product. But when RCTW lacks that professional polish and detail it once had that support and care vanishes.

    If Atari would wise up (WAKE UP ATARI!) RCTW could be salvaged. Will it ever happen? Hmm. That question has been answered with mostly silence. Well, Silence and anger toward it's fans. Perhaps not the best way for Atari to establish trust and brand loyalty. Silence appears to be the answer. Answer = Nope. Not likely.

    RCTW CAN be made better. Seeing the visuals improved would fix SO MUCH WRONG with this game.

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    Graphics will not bring people back, cause it will be just a pretty game with the same Problems people are hating RCTW for.

    Gameplay/Features and Content People Expect and want from RCTW, no Gliches and Crashes, Better animation and Physic's to everything, More Freedom on everything. improve the engines API for more stable gameplay.

    Fix that, people would play the game and Motivate people to create UGC, But that would require More money and bigger Development Team/Help for Nvizzio. Graphics are the bottom of the list for improvement.

    So even if u would say pc has better graphics .it wouldnt matter cause RCTW would still be great game and play like A RollerCoaster Tycoon should be played.
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    I don't think the game is complete, it still performs as if it were in beta. I want to know when you will be completing the game to a more playable...

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    I feel like people were whining too much about not being able to run the game with the higher graphic settings, the game still needs some optimization, but the cut back in graphical quality is devastating to those who are actually able to run the game.

    This is a screenshot I took of the game on the Highest possible settings... WTF?


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    the funny thing is... my laptop ran the Beta way better than the "final" version.

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