I'd point out that there are a few members of the beta-testing team who STILL check in several times a week, IF NOT DAILY, even though their last contact with the development team was more than two months ago. The beta-team didn't all abandon things...the development team did.

THAT is 'support'. Not slavish fawning.

When asked to join the beta team, many were told that they were looking for honest feedback, which is what they got. Please don't be blaming people when much of that honest feedback was frowned upon and eventually ignored. The same with those who purchased the game. They have every right to point out what they don't like. Yes, some played the game for all of 15 minutes before reviewing the game, but the majority of people commenting had every right to. Again, much of that feedback was frowned upon and eventually ignored. The game developers made the decision to do that. The game developers have to live with the results from making that decision.

If someone finds this game enjoyable, then that's great! Show off your work and be vocal that you enjoy it. But don't blame the lack of any future additions to the game on those who don't find it enjoyable and who are vocal about that fact. There are certainly other similar games out there where feedback was encouraged and has never been ignored, and those games are thriving and continuing to grow. Perhaps there is a correlation there somewhere?