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Thread: Post-release update #8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    but we still don't have an announcement here yet.
    But there is the announcement for the 8th update on their website, so not only in the steam forums^^

    But I don't understand why they don't post this here in the forums. Maybe they forgot, that they have these forums?

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    Oh, they are well aware these forums are here. My guess is it's not high on their priority list, or the new 'team' is not large enough.

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    What did I miss? Is RCTW still bad? How's the latest upda... Ugh! nevermind they couldn't even make a decent screenshot showing off their new assets. I'll just skim this thread to see if anything has been substantially improved...

    UPDATE: Nope! I appreciate the gesture of providing more PxP content but focus desperately needs to be on other things.

    Thanks for the screenshot! Confirmation I need not reinstall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxfreak View Post
    My two cents. New update, yay! The main menu no longer has this awkward 30 second hang when I first start the game. My save for my beautiful park no longer opens...but in game the menus feel more clicky/responsive then ever. Although this is probably due to the fact of how much Planet Coaster I've played these last few months. (Sorry PC fans, I think that UI feels like molasses to trudge through). Anyways, whoever worked on the shaders for the new models needs a good spanking. Who decided to use shaders that make objects look like they're lathered in vaseline??? These objects are hardly usable for this reason. They have a weird...banding issue from certain angles, have this "I'm looking at a shallow pool" look, are super shiny, and are even overly dark when viewed head on. What gives? C'mon guys at least TRY...I was so excited to see an update just to be severely disappointed. (Surprise!) I was hoping for a stronger come back but this feels like a whimper.

    Screenshots straight from the game to depict these issues:

    Was this someones first model attempt at school?

    The banding issue sounds like no mip mapping for the textures which is a big no no in most cases, that's software mode pre 3D graphics card stuff right there and is often done by amateurs.
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