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Thread: Post-release update #8

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    Dec 2014
    Sorry for double post, but I wanted to share the patch notes for the 8th update...

    Nothing to be excited about

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    Actually slightly surprised by that.
    Not huge but some fixes for small annoying bugs and an expansion of the halloween PxP stuff they added last year.
    Nothing huge but exactly what they said would come in the updates when they announced the new team.

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    Dec 2014
    Hmmm, over-sized roofs completely out of scale, along with posts that look to be the size of tree trunks, I can see the problems with proper scaling are being carried forward by the new team. At least most of the textures seem okay, other than a weird yellow bit to the left of the arched windows, but I'm sure that was caught by the people they have testing the game for them...ahem...

    If only we had a game feature that allowed us to import our own assets, the over-scaled pnp stuff could just be ignored.

    I see they made sure to announce this update here on their own forums too...of course that would require they visit their own forums I guess. Oh well, looks like things are picking right back up where they were before anyways...

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    Ok I see everyone is so critical towards the update. Well personally I would like to give thanks to the new team for trying and for what they gave us. You may ask why. Cause it is a start. We sat still for how long and this is a new start for us all. So yes, Thank you team for this. Love to see more and more of them. A suggestion if I may. The next update maybe add 1 or 2 rides and some more stalls or shops. Give a new sandbox for each new theme with color schemes to go with the new themes. Next one maybe think vacation and stay warm on a hot beach. Bamboo walls, log cabin walls, grass and thatch rooves different types of fountains , statues, shopd, tropical food and drinks stalls, Go Karts, Water rides, midway games. Again Thank you very much for the updates and keep them coming - Please


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    My two cents. New update, yay! The main menu no longer has this awkward 30 second hang when I first start the game. My save for my beautiful park no longer opens...but in game the menus feel more clicky/responsive then ever. Although this is probably due to the fact of how much Planet Coaster I've played these last few months. (Sorry PC fans, I think that UI feels like molasses to trudge through). Anyways, whoever worked on the shaders for the new models needs a good spanking. Who decided to use shaders that make objects look like they're lathered in vaseline??? These objects are hardly usable for this reason. They have a weird...banding issue from certain angles, have this "I'm looking at a shallow pool" look, are super shiny, and are even overly dark when viewed head on. What gives? C'mon guys at least TRY...I was so excited to see an update just to be severely disappointed. (Surprise!) I was hoping for a stronger come back but this feels like a whimper.

    Screenshots straight from the game to depict these issues:

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    I have yet to experience the new update. More focused on creating my own objects. Besides that, I don't celebrate Halloween so this theme doesnt work for me.

    An update is an update. And after so many months of silence I'm surprised we are receiving one. Hope to have time upcoming weekend to check it out.

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    Denny, as much as I hope we will see nrw rides I think it is highly unlikely.
    In the announcement for the new team all they said they were doing was bug fixing and PbP packs so I dont expect we'll see anything bigger than what we got this week.

    Maxfreak - we've spoken before about the textures on some of the PxP packs and have to agree with you again. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the game and looks a bit weird.

    Ill need to jump into the game to see it all for myself. Surprised to see an update, not at all surprised with the content.

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    Can we have more Halloween Themed PXP? There is hardly anything that is similar to the Haunted House already in the game. I was board of the boxy square building ages ago. We need more shapes in PXP. More opportunities to create using the current themes. Like the Medieval and Whimsy Packs they had loads more shapes. I want to see more in the way over roofing shapes and well just more of everything.

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    Based on Maxfreak's screenshot I take back my comment that the textures looked okay...

    You'd think they could at least match up the texture on two sides of the same wall, and those shaders? Yikes! It also looks like we've taken yet another step backwards on the overall graphics too, unless Maxfreak has his options turned all the way down?

    I agree that it's wonderful to finally see an update after months of utter silence, but what we got is hardly worth celebrating in my opinion, especially when it's supposed to kind of show off the new team and what they can do. At least it seems a couple minor bugs got attention...

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    The key word there being minor!
    Not had a chance to check it yet but I wonder if the deco items still show 0 degrees for rotation....

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