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Thread: Medieval buildings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armageddon1x View Post
    Oh whoops! I mistook the castle walls as floor behind the buildings. If you are going to build a coaster, what type do you plan to use?
    Good question, I have not made up my mind yet. Perhaps the wooden coaster comes closest to something like a 'medieval theme'.
    I will have to do some trial and error.

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    A woorden coaster would definitely fit the medieval theme, although a dive coaster would also be an option if you plan to build a tall castle, for example. Keep it up Forgath

    As a quick reply to boxman and Armageddon1x concerning my previous post: it all comes down to perspective. The demises of both RCTW and Watch Dogs 2 are not entirely similar, but there's a striking similarity if you take a closer look at the overall history of both games. The gaming community - or at least the vast majority of the people involved - was very negative and pessimistic about RCTW and has always remained negative throughout its development, despite the fact that the game had taken huge steps forward since March 2016. This overall negativity lead towards a plethora of extremely negative reviews and pessimism on several internet forums and caused the sales figures to stagnate eventually. Oddly enough, the publisher is being blamed for all this, despite the fact that they've shown their best intentions with the development in the year 2016, but had to pull the plug due to disappointing financial results. More or less the same process could be witnessed with regards to Watch Dogs 2, as the gaming community was never able to forget about the disappointment of Watch Dogs 1 and move on, which caused sales to disappoint heavily (despite the fact that WD2 is a very good game).
    Therefore, in both instances the gaming community was negative towards the game beforehand and was clearly unable to see the progress the games had made over time and ultimately killed both projects through their mostly undeserved negativity. It's completely fine to have criticism of course, but the majority of criticism towards both games has never been constructive in any single way, especially towards RCTW. You would expect to see some more positivity over time once the game becomes better and better, but the exact opposite has happened in both cases. I'm not trying to defend anyone, but it's unfair to blame the publisher for the demise of both games, since the gaming community has had a huge impact on that outcome from my perspective. To me these are clear examples of the power gaming communities have and it should make people aware of the necessity to stop following others like cattle and form their own opinions.

    This is the last I'll post on this subject. Let's keep supporting and enjoying the game the best we can
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    I've been experimenting with a dive coaster and a larger castle, that seems to be a good combination. Aiming to have screenshots next week.

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    Sorry, no updates coming from my end these days. It's disgusting hot weather outside, I have no interest to sit behind the pc.

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