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Thread: Post-Release Update #7: Medieval Theme Pack

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    Post-Release Update #7: Medieval Theme Pack

    Hark! The bugles sound the call of victory, for the fearsome Dragon has been smote and a great reward has been bestowed upon you, our faithful Tycoons: our MEDIEVAL PxP PACK! Our latest update includes over 67 new Medieval PxP pieces to bring your park to Olde Timey-life. As usual we also have a number of fixes and optimizations include in this update. Read on for more details, and playeth RCTW today!


    New Content Pieces - Medieval Theme PxP Pack Ė 67 total pieces

    Walls (13 Total Pieces)

    • Fortress Arch
    • Fortress Closed FaÁade
    • Fortress FaÁade
    • Fortress Half Wall
    • Fortress Rampart Half Section
    • Fortress Rampart Section
    • Fortress Rampart Wall
    • Fortress Wall
    • Medieval Half Arch
    • Medieval Wooden Closed FaÁade
    • Medieval Wooden Half Wall
    • Medieval Wooden Open FaÁade
    • Medieval Wooden Wall

    Roofs (16 Total Pieces)

    • Medieval Flat Tile Roof
    • Medieval Flat Wooden Roof
    • Medieval Tile Inverted Roof Corner
    • Medieval Tile Inverted Tall Roof Corner
    • Medieval Tile Roof
    • Medieval Tile Roof Corner
    • Medieval Tile Round Roof
    • Medieval Tile Round Tall Roof
    • Medieval Tile Tall Roof
    • Medieval Tile Tall Roof Corner
    • Medieval Wooden Inverted Roof Corner
    • Medieval Wooden Inverted Tall Roof Corner
    • Medieval Wooden Roof
    • Medieval Wooden Roof Corner
    • Medieval Wooden Tall Roof
    • Medieval Wooden Tall Roof Corner

    Tiles (2 Total Pieces)

    • Fortress Decorative Floor
    • Fortress Floor

    Extras (26 Total Pieces)

    • Fortress Column
    • Fortress Corner
    • Fortress Corner Large
    • Fortress Curved Wall
    • Fortress Curved Wall Large
    • Fortress Decorative Column
    • Fortress Half Arch Large
    • Fortress Pillar
    • Fortress Small Arch
    • Fortress Tower Top
    • Fortress Tower Top Large
    • Fortress Wall Trim
    • Fortress Windowed Corner
    • Fortress Windowed Corner Large
    • Medieval Balustrade
    • Medieval Corner Balustrade
    • Medieval Fortress Short Trim
    • Medieval Fortress Trim
    • Medieval Guard Room
    • Medieval Hanging Sign
    • Medieval Road Post
    • Medieval Suit of Armor
    • Medieval Weathervane
    • Medieval Well
    • Medieval Wooden Beam
    • Medieval Wooden Column

    Deco & Lights (10 Pieces)

    • Medieval Glass Window
    • Medieval Small Wall Vine
    • Medieval Square Glass Window
    • Medieval Thin Glass Window
    • Medieval Torch
    • Medieval Wall Hanging Vine
    • Medieval Wall Vine
    • Medieval Windmill
    • Medieval Wooden Door
    • Medieval Wooden Window


    • Crash: Ė Game hangs when selecting the PxP Miniature Maze Prefab.
    • Crash: Ė Clicking on a Peep that purchased from a deleted souvenir shop or food stand causes a freeze.
    • Crash: Ė Game will hang once the user has clicked on modify path, the finance tab and the heatmap.
    • General: Ė Replicate keyword filtering feature to relevant placement tools.
    • General: Ė The word filtering does not reset when changing category.
    • General: Ė Grouping and moving groups are not working as designed.
    • General: Ė Loans can be repaid without the necessary amount of money.
    • PxP: Ė PxP Deco & Lights pieces do not show a degree of rotation when rotated.
    • PxP: Ė 3 of the Sci-fi PxP are missing display images.
    • PxP: Ė Editing a PxP building and then opening the PxP Buildings menu causes the game to freeze.
    • Scenery: Ė The Pink tulip scenery does not highlight when selected.

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    I'm so happy that they still haven't fixed any of the major issues with the game and keep giving us useless updates! Who needs animations or new rides or anything like that! *sarcasm*

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    Junior Enthusiast JoŽlNL's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Atari, why don't you just take some time to reply to the feedback and fix those bugs that have been reported over the last year?

    To name a few;
    - Incorrect ride animations that have been reported numerous times
    - Missing features such as tunnels, recolouring flat rides, and movable entrance and exits of rides
    - When do we get the promised transport rides? (promised to us back in June 2016)

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    Passive Peep
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    Dec 2014
    Why am I even surprised?

    Atari, you should be ashamed of the way you're handling this disaster of a game, except I know you're not because you don't care!

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    I can see this is still a hot mess. So glad I play Planet Coaster.

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    Park Patron Kombiice's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Hmm. What happened to communication?

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    Junior Enthusiast JoŽlNL's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by Kombiice View Post
    Hmm. What happened to communication?

    There is no more communication, unfortunately.

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    Passive Peep
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    Apr 2016
    The question would be more precise: was there ever any, really?

    Dam, they have even block option to delete this forum's account.

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    Atari. This game would be 20 TIMES BETTER if you just fixed the game's poor and low quality textures and lighting. Focus on that before giving more content!

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    I see I'm the only one glad for some more PxP pieces. Other stuff is important to me, but one of the big things I feel PC has over RCTW is the amount of scenery and PxP pieces they have. So for me, I'm glad for this update and they did fix the PxP issue I was experiencing when working on PxP and going back to the PxP menu. At this point why still complain? The updates are still coming so maybe we will get transport rides or some of the other stuff. I just don't see the use of people on the boards stating the obvious over and over and over again. Not comparing the game to PC, it's actually a decent game. Believe it or not, I've enjoyed the game lately.

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