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Thread: Positive RCTW Video!!

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    Positive RCTW Video!!

    After searching, I finally found a video showing the game in a positive light!

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    lol the planet coaster forums have more praise for rctw than the rctw forums

    By the way I signed up for these forums 2 weeks ago but have been waiting to be accepted or activated before I could post, and I had to PM several mods before I was activated. This place seems abandoned...

    I just wanted to say that I was a long time fan of the original RCT trilogy, I followed the series very closely in the past year and I was really hoping rctW could put up a fight against PC, but with the latest release of rctTouch I just don't even know how to feel. Why is Atari releasing so many mobile games and ignoring rctW? Doesnt seem like Atari respects its fans OR its own developers, I mean I love RCT Classic and wish Chris Sawyer wasn't stuck with Atari, but this forum is a clear sign this franchise ended with rct3 and it makes me sad

    I look for good rctW videos all the time and I just cant find any! I really do try... here is my favorite video of rctW and yet I never see the game advertised with quality content like this, the problem is your guests look sickly!

    You guys should be honoring creators like this^ but for some reason your contest did not include them
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    I thought this park was pretty good as well:

    There's another guy that does YouTube vids on each update that has put together some nice stuff, I'll see if I can find it.
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    Yes, a wonderful garden-architecture program, but what has that to do with RCTW -> "Rollercoaster Tycoon World" ... ?
    For plonking static 3D-Stuff into an 3D-Enviroment there are other programs ways better. Doesnt make sense to me ...

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    I am not sure to what post you are replying mbcdex. In all three vids there are rollercoasters.

    Oh, I apologise, I missed the one in the first post. You are perhaps referring to that one?
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    I think some people missed the oh-so subtle humor of the subject of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgath View Post
    In all three vids there are rollercoasters.
    Oh, I apologise, I missed the one in the first post. You are perhaps referring to that one?
    the first one has a coaster in towards the end of it too, but that video was posted on april 1st

    maybe mbcdex meant few of the "good" videos for rctW do not display any guests
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    On that part I certainly agree with you breezerHOG. The guests are absolutely no fun to look at. And that is besides the fact how much it slows my pc down (counts for both games).

    So if I will post a vid it will be in an empty park. It is what it is.

    @Shyguy: if I missed the subtle / sarcastic humor I apologise. I know I react to serious to posts to often.

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    Here are some screenshots of the park I'm currently working on in the game. I hope you'll like it

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    /\ Those are very nice. You should post those over at shyguy's World where more people will see it.

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