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Thread: More Streams!

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    More Streams!

    Hey guys,

    Why no recent streams?? The guys who own a copy of RCTW want this game to succeed, I personally have noticed some marked improvements in the game! Frame rate is increasing, coasters seem smoother and a whole host of other elements have improved significantly.

    Promote this game more, please.

    I think RCTW is good, I want to see NVissio's passion in the development of the game. Without mentioning the major competitor, I think we all want to see that the dev wants RCTW to be the best it can be.

    The fans are still here....

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    Good post.

    Sadly I think Nvizzio's passion was limited by Atari's purse strings, and that passion seems to have died.

    You're right, many improvements HAVE been made, but so many still need to be addressed. Few people who actually own a copy don't want this game to succeed, however many have given up because of the long delay and almost total lack of communication or involvement with the fans once the game officially was out. I agree, this has NOTHING to do with the 'other game'. I'd still like THIS GAME, which I paid for and supported, to be the best it can be irregardless of what the 'other game' does.

    The sad fact may be that this IS the best it will be and we've just about come to the end of the road as is somewhat evident in what's going on.

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