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Thread: Salutations from the Nation's Capital!

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    Salutations from the Nation's Capital!

    Hi all, this is the obligatory introductional post from me. So let me tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I am known to be quite a "Chatty Cathy" when I get going, and forum posts are no exceptions (and no, my name is NOT Cathy). Anyway, my RCT of choice is RCT 3 Platinum. I originally started with RCT 3, which I bought when I first bought my MacBook. Then I wanted the Soaked expansion, and bought it, and then I wanted to buy the Wild expansion, but before I bought *it*, I discovered Platinum was available for Mac, and I could have the best of both worlds without having to change the discs! So whoo hoo! My favorite part of the game is designing the coasters (I'm addicted to helixes), and naming the coasters after some of my favorite things (for example, I named my mine train coaster "The Last Train to Clarksville," my junior coaster "The Yogi Coaster," and my wooden roller coaster "The Top Cat"). I also like designing Peeps and I've created several "families" modeled after characters I write in my fanfiction (some are original characters, some are not, and for those that are not, they're unreasonable facsimiles, but I'm what you call a somewhat-volatile creative type).

    Other than RCT3, I also enjoy classic television, cartoons and toys from the 1980's (I was born in 1982), the Monkees, Motown music, Hanna-Barbera cartoons (especially the more obscure ones), Jim Henson and the Muppets, and cats. I am also completely obsessed with my cat, Snowball. And for those wondering about my avatar, that's my plush Wembley Fraggle from the TV show "Fraggle Rock" posed with Snowball.

    Another thing about me, sometimes I'll post like crazy for a couple of days/weeks/etc., and then I'll drop off the face of the Internet (or at least the forum) for long periods, come back, and drop off again. I think that's the ADHD in me.

    (I warned you I was a "Chatty Cathy"!)

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    Normaly, I would say welcome,

    But I prefer to be honest, thank you for your intro, sharing and enthusiasm about RCT, and thank you for stopping by.

    So here is about reality around here these days, since this forum is currently on it's last breathe, there is not much around here. Mostly dispointed fans and nothing from Atari(we are just starting another 7 years blackout, or maybe Atari will go for real this time).

    I wish things where not this way.

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    Welcome DreamDancer82!

    Muppets and Fraggles....good memories for me

    And yes, what Abbitibbi says is true; the forum is not much alive. Dont let that keep you from posting and playing, there are players around.

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    Welcome to the forums. Have fun!

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