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Thread: Game crashes when using skelton shops with piece x piece building sets

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilvaSurfer View Post
    Doesnt matter your not supposed to have two accounts anyway its against the forum rules troll.

    This is the proper link for you aerocouch good luck

    *Sigh*.... alright then is that better? Your just salty you got caught lol, this discussion is over please close the thread.
    Congratulations on being appointed as a moderator here! And after all of only two posts!

    Color me impressed...

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    Hey its not my fault he broke the rules. Im just brining it to their attention because hes lasted so long without being banned.

    So are you guys gonna keep going off topic or what? I already helped this guy or girl fix the link so theres nothing left to discuss until aerocouch replies.

    Lol go out in style right?
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