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Thread: Predictions for the nex update.

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    The update is out and the winner of the "predictions for next update" is...
    Quote Originally Posted by Millennium_Force View Post
    My main prediction for the future of this game is more and more disappointment.
    Everyone else had some sort of incorrect part to their prediction while Millennium_Force hit the nail on the head with a 100% accurate prediction.
    Congratulations your prize will be sent out sometime in early 2017, aka soon™, aka never
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elessar_Luzente View Post
    Let's just hope that the next update will comprise more than just a few new assets, such as weather effects, transport rides, water rides or something else for all I care. At the very least we should try to stay positive and supportive through useful threads on this forum; there's nothing else we can do.

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    or S.O.S in morse.

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    My prediction for the next update is exactly like all the other updates, No bug fixes, No response to community requests, No attempt to make this game any better at all. we may get a shiny mushroom, just to keep the die hards happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asgaurd View Post
    we may get a shiny mushroom, just to keep the die hards happy.
    the game already has fungus and mold growing all over it, just bury it before the flies show up!

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