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Thread: Diamond heights

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    Diamond heights

    In roller coaster tycoon classic diamond heights objective is: to achieve a park value of at least $300,000 at the end of October year 3. So my question is how do I raise my park value? Please help me thanks

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    Here is some general info for you:

    Also specific tips for that scenario:

    It sounds like every time you have a small problem you come and post here. The information is easily available if you but run a quick search. Give it a try next time. Searching for RCT 2 instead of RCT Classic will give you more results since that game had been around far longer and Classic is essentially it's mobile copy.

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    So the park value is when I add more rides, more quests in the park, and every quest in the park that pays to ride all of the rides in the park the park value adds up? Tell me if I'm right or wrong? Thank you.

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    Park value is a calculation of the assets in your park. The more rides, shops ans scenery items you have, and the newer they are, the higher your park value will be.
    I usully find a good way to make a good boost to park value if I have the cash is to build a coaster.

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    So how many rides, shops, and scenery do I need to have to make the park value go up? What about demolishing old rides with new tides that are exactly the same ones before? Any tips would be great on how to raise the park value go up.

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