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Thread: Post-Release Update #5 - Water Features!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxman View Post
    Exactly what I predicted.... More assets, no animation fixes, no fixes to the UGC, dark rides and no transport rides.
    The month March isn't over yet. I still have hopes that more will come within the next three weeks; this update was just a token to show the developers' good intentions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elessar_Luzente View Post
    The month March isn't over yet. I still have hopes that more will come within the next three weeks; this update was just a token to show the developers' good intentions.
    Oh Elessar....

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    Thank you for a fantastic update, looking forward to the next update.

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    Thanks for the update but please we need more news on transport rides and bug fixes, the update is okay but very limited.

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    Again an update i will skip... still waiting for fixes what the community is asking for. Atari advertised that this game was build with the community but it's nothing like that. Atari... show us that you care...

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    I do like the water effects, I myself was among those who had requested them. I wished some were stackable to create taller waterfalls, but what's there is nice and appreciated.

    ANY bug fixes are good, I'll be honest in being disappointed in the pace in which they are coming out, but still glad to see them.

    Guess I missed the announcement where they said this update was just a token to show the their good intentions?

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    Bug correction and another themed pack. Who asked for it remains a mystery to be solved. I guess social pressure is too strong to ignore tycoons who wanted fountains. Anyways... thank you is best I can do, another passing day without playing RCTW.

    When it all started, I was manily alone crying out loud for transports. I remember clearly shouting that some of the most succesfull parks in the World(California Disney's, not to name it) was built around transports. There is an amazing documentary about transports at Disney's and how much it was Walt's dream(he even drive the first train out). So much so that Disney's monorail was the only custom monorail on the planet for a long while, having 4 version made of it. For what I know, still is the only home made custom monorail to this day.

    Same was for Disney's first western themed train, which was built off a truck body.

    Seems like I'm not alone anymore. I'll start screaming for underground building, go-karts, water rides, and lemonade stands from now on.

    My opinion why we do not get what we want is that NVIZZIO dosen't have a software engineer/program designer, and cannot code new rides or modify exisiting one.

    I will copy in this thread posts made by me about transports, to show how seriously we shared ideas that been ignored by production, as posted on October 10th and 26th of 2016:

    Good day to all tycoons:

    Since transports have been anounced, I figure we should give a path to follow to NVIZZIO:

    So I will start here:

    -Multi stations - we'll need to talk about limits to stops for all category of transports.
    -Multi choice - need is to have several types of transports upon launch, not just monorail or mini-train.
    -Multi vehicules - all transports must allow several train/vehicule per ride. And the choice for amount of vehicules in trains.
    -New menu category: transports. DO NOT ADD TRANSPORTS TO COASTERS OR FLAT RIDE.
    -Limitations - height restriction should not be for transports. Or set to very very high(had problems with monorail and even skylift in RCT3 about this restriction).
    -Stations: choice of stop size(small, medium, large), or custom built stations.
    -Operations: various stop mode at station(free station for next train, depart upon arrival, free departure, exit only stations). Double way transports, for smallers park with only 1 line/track with single vehicule going two ways.
    -Construction method: hybrid system: both PxP track builder and linear(coaster builder like),
    -Underground capability for monorails/subway. We have not said lots about underground, but it will come soon.
    -Vertical transports - With no limits on height, some call them elevators, but it may be a catapult or rocket ship.
    -Water capable - all the transports should be able to go above water. With supports going deep down/still allow high and very high rides. In preparation also for eventual water rides(missing the steam boat and water jetski a lot)
    -Support killer: inevitable for transports.
    -Custom support kit: all transports should allow placement of manual support. This may be as scenery.
    -Extra: transports must have fake vehicules, fake routes(rail) and extended mechanical pieces along with warehouse/repair shops.
    -Customization: complete recoloring and theming, along with advanced textures(vehicules/stations with park colors and name on the sides or station rooftop?) and complicated canvas choice(pretty much like camouflage for the military) for exterior.
    -Other details: working lights(recolorable), choice of service stairs(if it apply), not affected by terrain mods, neon tracks/auto light(optionnal). Operators/employees entry line in budget, extra budget page for transports.
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    Thank you for following this thread.

    To me, as it was to Disney, the park is built around it's transport web. I often builted parks without path access to some parts of the park and really wish this feature to come back.

    For those who remember the movie waterworld from the 90's, I have built the sea fortress and the shored ship from that movie, with boat lines and underwater monorail connecting the two with the shore(spawn point). Path we're out of the question. The way I builted the underwater monorail: 1 square elevated to 1 height mesure, using windows asset, covered both side of the square, passed the monorail line in that lonely square(line had to be straight) then flooded the map. Of course, it would not allow to ride the monorail and look outside, as the game would not detect window colliding with the ground, but one could see the train in it's faked glass tube if the camera was underwater. All my best parks contain special ideas from or around transportations.

    The game really need a very strong and various transportation system, I can accept one type(monorail!) at launch but will not accept it very well if none is included. I can wait for more later if this one is in very soon. Many reasons explain the need for transportation, but the first one is one of my personal opinion, I love them.

    Here is why, including reasons I wish for to be implemented:

    -Theme and park area boundaries are often made by transport lines.
    -Transports or peeps flow are essential fondamental part of huge theme park.
    -Parks are built around the flow of the peeps and directing them to key area.
    -Transport must enable both way lines(cars are going backward).
    -Transport enable multistations.
    -Transport count as path.
    -Desirability for riding them is 100% for all peeps or VIPEEPS.
    -Must allow exit only stations.
    -Transports must be builted as rollercoasters are(either with bolean or PxP, maybe a NEW BUILDER FOR THIS TYPE?)
    -Transport is an asset category of it's own. It's not a flat ride...
    -Allow ground level as well as raised construction placement.
    -Horizontal(trains type) as well as vertical(elevators) transportations allow huge imagination usage.
    -Transports can be use as prop or scenery, filling many gaps between key park area.
    -Best way to visit parks, using the on board camera.
    -Down time is lower than all other rides.

    Here is a second aspect of transportation we may need to think about a bit, transports in and out of the park are managed by the game engine, but it would be an easy(and nice) thing to add a inbound transport ''off-map''. Here is what I mean, as manager, tycoon could be able to choose a number of incoming transports, which could be added as outside scenery, such as bus lines, trams, skytrain, coach buses or other transports forms. Think about it, here we are, empty map and empty park, worth nothing, BUT THERE IS A SUBWAY STATION(which cost a huge lot), leading to the park.

    So my idea is off map inbound transport expansion: the park manager need to buy with park money. Linked to marketing or budget park expansion. This is off map feature, but do provide the park some income of peep boost, when you buy them. This way, the subway station can be buy, and would popup when the tycoon do so. Same for parking lots expansion, as places could be expanded(by buying it!) instead of just completely built from beginning. It would also provide a bit of animation outside the park, so parks are not just laying there, alone in the country side, far from any civilization.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Verhoeven View Post
    Again an update i will skip... still waiting for fixes what the community is asking for. Atari advertised that this game was build with the community but it's nothing like that. Atari... show us that you care...
    They can't even be bothered to announce a community contest winner a week after it was delayed and several days after it was over (still waiting...). They stopped caring about RCTW a long time ago.

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    maybe everyones doing it wrong ,use reverse psychology,we dont want water rides,dark rides,transport rides,fixed ugc, it would seem too real to have those in game(note the sarcasm)

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    Great read, fully agree

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