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Thread: Shared Parks Features

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    Shared Parks Features

    I downloaded a Friends park, what would be good is the ability to jump into rides and peeps. All the options are disabled or do not display.

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    unfortunately for some reason a decision was made that you can only 'visit' a friends park. This means that you can't edit it or ride the rides.
    Hopefully they can amend this behaviour so we can share and enjoy parks in their entirety

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    Well that would be a nice feature

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    It's so stupid that you cannot do anything in a park you visit. What's the point of downloading it then. I can look at screenshot then. Same thing. It was a big thing that you can share parks but it turned out as some of the most dissapointed thing for me.

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    Makes working on a joint project a little difficult...

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    Indeed - i have been taking part in one and zipping up the files and uploading them to file sharing sites feels so, well 1999...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wabigbear View Post
    Makes working on a joint project a little difficult...
    We were supposed to originally even get multiplayer parks...just another broken promise. Can't even ride the rides, what a joke!

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    I mentioned this from the start -- the point of the player park maps, other than just viewing it. Takes a long time to load 'em, so there should be more incentive to bother.
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