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Thread: Acknowledgment from Atari/Devs

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    Acknowledgment from Atari/Devs


    Firstly I would like to say that I'm enjoying RCTW at present, although I've come several of the bugs being mentioned.

    A couple of points I would like to ask directly to the Developer's and Atari?

    1. Please could we have more active acknowledgment from the Developers or via the Community Managers.
    2. Could you release the Pre-Orders / Early Alpha extras to everyone including upgrading to Deluxe Edition, this would be a great good will gesture.
    3. Could you provide a list of fixes / new content in upcoming Update #5 prior to release.
    4. It would be also nice to have a Community Bug Tracker, so at least we can see bugs being reported / fixed. As it appears bugs are potentially being lost in the void. Notice Atari Technical Support page doesn't have much games listed in the dropdown, so could potentially have support tickets going missing.
    5. Please could you provide a confirmed list of dates when updates are planned, to at least show the community you care. i.e. every 2 months.
    6. I would like to offer my assistance to the community. I have a lot of transferable skills from my last job as a Test Analyst. I don not have a job currently and this would keep my mind busy.

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    I don't think you will see a response here. The game seems dead. No one working on it around to be seen.. the biggest addon on to the last update was heart shaped lamps for god sakes. Let's just all move on and forget this tragic game every happened.

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    The game has just been updated ccfan007 (albeit a small one), so you're wrong. I fully endorse SaruwatariKaito's comment, as it would be great to have some more information concerning the (near) future of the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elessar_Luzente View Post
    as it would be great to have some more information concerning the (near) future of the game

    Yeah... exactly what we were asking for a year ago.

    But hey, if devs want to suddenly update us about transport rides, being able to re-color flat rides, water rides, guest groups, or fixing broken ride animations without insulting us with a #soon hashtag, by all means! We're waiting....

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