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Thread: Deleting ride designs

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    Deleting ride designs

    I'm not happy with some of the coasters I've made...too expensive, too boring, too extreme, etc...and I'd like to delete them. Is this a possibility?

    Joe aka Brix

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    Yes, it's possible, just a bit tricky. Here is the info from FAQ:
    Saved Park and Ride Design files can be deleted or renamed by holding a finger on the file name while viewing the list of files on the saving or loading interface. For example to delete a Saved Park select “Load Saved Park” on the title screen then hold a finger on the park you wish to delete – a menu will pop up giving you the option to delete or rename the file.To delete a Ride Design file you need to be viewing a list of Ride Design files while saving a new Ride Design from the game.

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