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Thread: Am I the only one...

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    Am I the only one...

    ... who seems to be struggling to unlock anything or level up in this game? I've played since release and find it almost impossible to level up, gain coins, and open folders for tickets. Either it's meant to take forever or you guys literally want us to spend tons of cash unlocking everything.

    I made a video showcasing some of the rides I have unlocked just in case people are having the same struggle and wanna see these rides in action.

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    "...or you guys literally want us to spend tons of cash unlocking everything."

    That's exactly why these types of games are made.

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    Welcome to the world of free2PAY games. This is literally what mobile gaming is all about, which is why I will always prefer PC or even console gaming over it.
    We might have to pay more for the games, but at least generally we do not have microtransactions that completely ruins the game experience.

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