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Thread: Remember when Atari said transport rides would come early 2017?

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    They still haven't even announced Sawyer as the contest winner. The way I see it, they have completely abandonded this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millennium_Force View Post
    They still haven't even announced Sawyer as the contest winner. The way I see it, they have completely abandonded this game.
    Can this game/Atari get any sadder?

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    Remember when Nookriot said:
    Thanks Marco! It has been crazy since launch as you can imagine. There is no excuse for my absence and I will be responding where I can. Really appreciate your patience!
    I wonder what happened to that.. This was posted back in november, but yet he has been even more absent.

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    dunno why i came to check whats going on with rctw but this thread is hilarious for ALL the reasons.
    im not gonna go on about it but elessar your flogging a dead horse and with so few posts (1/4 of them in this thread alone) to back up how actively youve helped the development of the game its hard to take you seriously. you do realise your argueing with several ppl who have in the past (some were removed by choice) or still do have their name in the special thanks part of the games credits, i think they mightav contributed a bit more than you think and almost certainly more than you :/

    and about nookriot, 2 posts in over a month is pretty poor for a paid atari community manager, kinda looks like hes abandoned the community hes supposed to support. not entirely sure what he does for atari these days? maybe he makes a good cup of coffee so they keep him in the office.

    anyways about transport...

    i tell you what, after the time transport rides have taken from when they first announced they were in the pipeline to now i totally expect them to feature as part of the peeps locomotion around the park. if they do turn out to be just another ride like past RCTs then that will be very disappointing, another lackluster feature.
    For a game that has claimed to be "fully realized next-generation simulation" i dont think we are asking too much for it to have something/anything within the simulation that surpasses previous RCTs.
    IMO a transport system of any form that is just a ride moving peeps without them realising where they are going is nothing but a cosmetic piece of interactive decor and another missed opportunity to do something well. Assuming they get released at all of course.

    heres hoping they get it right and have more than 1 transport type. off the top of my head i can think of monorail, train, chairlift, cable car, tram, funicular, elevator, escalator, travelator. All could be useful in some situations to get peeps from a to b faster, that is if they work. With variations for style/theme, transport has the potential to be a great addition. Given the time thats its been in production you would think all of the above is on its way.

    btw, obviously im not expecting things like a funicular but it would be nice to have a way to get peeps up drastic elevation changes without long winding timeconsuming and ugly paths, tbh im not expecting anything more than a single monorail and/or a single train to be on the cards, if anything.

    ps. wouldnt it be nice if the current coaster types could have multiple stations and peeps consider those possible forms of transport (maybe not by default but an option in ride settings). Im pretty sure im not the only person who made a turbo tram in rct3 using a powered launch to get a train from one side of the park to the other near instantly. Sure the peeps didnt understand that it was transport (due to dumb 12yo AI) but it did wonders for distributing the population better, just think how effective it could be with the "next-generation simulation" treatment. Peeps who want to get to the other side of the park and like a bit of a thrill could really make use of it, i know if themeparks utilised this irl id be on it rather than a slow cable car or monorail.
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