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Thread: Scenario 35

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    Scenario 35

    Does anyone have a picture or blueprint that they can post of a 9.0 Bobsled? I keep building, adding on, building, adding on but have only bested 8.9 with a cost of $1.3m in which we have 48hrs to complete the scenario. I have exchanged water for $$ but will need to keep playing around with it. Didn't know if anyone had experience with this one yet.



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    Sry Im just at level 20 But the target for scenario 35 is : build bobsled coaster 9.0 ?
    Give me plz the exact target you have to forfill !

    Did you really get $$ when selling the water things?
    When I sell water things I dont get $$

    correction: big water things will give you money
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    Im now at 35.

    Mission 35: Reach a average excitement level of 9.

    build ca 18 coffee shops.
    Sell all the water.
    Create space for super coaster, sell/remove all things you dont need and build the ****** thing .

    In the mean time I'm testing in my 2nd parc a bobsled coaster,
    I'm very close now 8.9

    The main prob is to get in time enough money to build it,
    so I try it with a lot of loops on the smallest possible terrain,
    to reduce the costs.

    grrr cant get the 9.0, challinging mision it really is.

    Maybe some can see how to reach 9.0 see pic:


    grr was so close, start again

    8.9 is easy to achieve now, however when I was today almost ready (read enough money to build) then I made just a little change in the layout and suddenly the 8.9 dropped to 5.8 or something.
    When trying to correct I never came back to the 8.9 !

    Start again ! Will get this ***** basterd bobsled coaster.
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    You found a solution? I am also stuck at Mission 35


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    @ CologneFlo

    No but Im close to the solution, Read my previous posts also.

    What Im doing now is just sell/delete all what is in the way to build a super bobsled coaster. You need space!
    Sell the water also, good money !
    Build some 20 coffeeshops and collect every 25 minutes, x 750 switching between main park and back will increase benefits.

    Build some extra attractions, good for the buz, not sure if creating waiting rows really increase buz but I think it is.

    Now just take your time and collect the income again and again and again.

    In fact you have 69 hours to get this goal.

    Now what I do is testing this superbobsled in 1 of my main parks, basicly parc nr 3.

    However it cost you a lot, and everytime I cant do it better then 8.9.
    I tried also to add some extra's like fireworks/camera's, (waterspalsh wont work with bobsled),
    But the extra's wont improve from 8.9 to 9 !

    I think the only thing you can try is build coaster fast up and down after that 6 loops after each other make a turn and do the same and that 4 or 5 times. then you have your 8.9 ! Will cost you some money

    Helix up or down wont help you either, maybe S turn R and or L will give more speed just after that connect to start not too fast maybe that will gibe the 9. Good luck m8.
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    Maybe the Misson is Buggy? 9.0 is probably not 9

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    Thank you sir, smart thinking ! Just contacted (this afternoon) Atari helpdesk and explained the problem, hope they will answer soon.

    However unfortunately it must be 9 !


    Tried it again no succes, now its waiting for the Atari reply !
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    1x 8.9 on first try 1x 9.0 on second try and the Mission failed again

    Now its Time for the third Try ...

    I wish you luck @Atari Support :-)
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    pffffff, ist doch night normal, grrr.....

    Aber du hasst noch zeit, immer 3 stars !!!

    Und danke, you give some new idea how to build Good luck !

    What Im doing atm is buying a LOT of space in my 3rd Parc and I will there try to build a super coaster.
    Maybe, maybe bigger is better. Cost me a lot of "money" but the benefits of my 1th, main park is enough
    When you need a picture to explain let me know.

    Und wenn Atari meldet sich, Ich kontakte dir gleich
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    I've made a 9.0 coaster three times now and still can't complete the mission.

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