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Thread: Game Crashing

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    Game Crashing

    A few times while trying to build piece by piece, and then editing the building my game would not respond and crashed. I didn't have this problem until the last update.

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    Game Crashing

    Game crashed after I tried to edit my piece by piece structure.

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    The PxP you were using when the crash happened: is it PxP that comes with the game, or did you download a package / items from the workshop?

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    PxP has a fair number of bugs causing crashes. Hopefully they can get some fixes out in the next update

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    Sorry for the double post.
    Forgath - I was making my own building with P x P that came with the game. I was using the Western Pieces.
    Beaker86 - I like the P x P sets and starting to get the hang of building. But get set back when the game crashes. It doesn't happen to often and I still enjoy the game.

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    Hello and thank you for contacting us.

    For better assistance please open a support request in order for one of our technicians to further troubleshoot the issue, you can open a support request please go to:

    Thank you for playing RollerCoaster Tycoon World.

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    Experienced another crash while building piece by piece. I did send them a report with a screenshot. I hope this gets fixed. I'm frustrated with this game and hope they will take the time to work on the p x p building in the game.
    I did send a bug report to the link ChipmunkAtariCS provided.
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    Sucks you are experiencing these issues aecrouch2016. Do the crashes appear at random? Looking at the screenshot I see you are building in pause mode. Does a crash also happen while the game is not paused?

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    Forgath - I haven't given up on the game yet. The crashes seem to happen when I am doing the p x p building. I haven't really experienced it that when I just use the regular game pieces. I always have my park closed when I'm making stuff it's easier that way. Didn't realize I had it on pause thanks for mentioning it. Yes the game crashes when it's not on pause - it will just have the blue circle going. This is the first time I actually got that other message I showed in the screenshot. Hope that helps.

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    And with regular game pieces you mean anything that is not part of PxP? I have as well my park closed when building. Feels more natural to me.

    I had my amount of crashes in the past, so i can totally understand your frustration. But the last one is dated already a few months back. When i updated my memory amount from 6 to 8Gb the crashing stopped. And i found out that saving the game often helps to prevent the level of annoyance when a crash happens.

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