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Thread: 2017 Coaster Challenge #2

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    They just don't freakin' care about RCTW anymore, this is hilarious and sad. It takes no more than 5 minutes to announce a winner and PM a key.

    Peaches was just a volunteer and was more interactive and punctual with these things than someone they actually pay to do this...

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    I haven't had any PM. :/

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    The RCTW competition has begun at SGW. The more who enter, the bigger the prize.

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    This is really disgusting behavior from Atari as well as Nookriot.
    This just shows how little respect they have and how much they despise their own community.
    It would take no more than a few minutes max to declare a winner.

    And to Nookriot.. I have never blamed you personally for being quiet, as I knew it was most likely Atari that told you guys to keep quiet about certain topics, but there is absolutely no excuse for ignoring a competition that was created on behalf of Atari.
    Why were you hired?? I thought you were hired to communicate with community?? That is what community managers do and that is the reaon Mattlab claimed you were brought on board. The streams are gone, progress updates are completely non existant, you are not helping people out with support and are now completely ignoring your own official forums as well as steam. Why are you still at Atari?

    It is really amazing how anyone could still have faith in the game, when they constantly keep failing at even something as simple as competitions.
    I honestly do not know of any publisher besides Atari that is incompetent in EVERYTHING you try to do.

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    People still play this game?

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    Nookriot, can you please close the contest and announce the winner? That would be appreciated.

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