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Thread: Could RCT Classic come to Gameband Atari Edition (Smartwatch for Gamers)?

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    Could RCT Classic come to Gameband Atari Edition (Smartwatch for Gamers)?

    I don't currently own a smartwatch so I have no experience playing games on my wrist.

    Would playing on a 1.63" screen display be too small?

    Maybe mini games would be better?

    Maybe it would be better if assets, such as sound effects or sprites, could be incorporated into a RCT theme instead?

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    I would be extremely surprised if RCTC was on the gameband.
    From what I have seen and read on the kickstarter page it reads to me as Atari classic games which I would expect to be things from 80s such as Asteroids etc

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    The Classics are being released at launch in collab. with Atari. It's a Kickstarter/launch promo.

    I def. wouldn't think RCTC would be avail for free. Just wondering what the likelihood of a port is.

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