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Thread: Post-Release Update #4 – Valentine’s Day

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    Post-Release Update #4 – Valentine’s Day

    Hello Tycoons,

    It’s time for a new production update! Love is in the air in this month’s patch, as we’ve added a number of romantic Valentine’s Day assets along with additional bug fixes. The full list of fixed issues is below.

    To accompany this update we have a couple of announcements. First, we would like to welcome our newest volunteer admins, Peaches and Beaker86, who will be helping out in the forums. Make sure to say hi!

    Also, we have started a series of ongoing Coaster Challenges. Visit our forums for additional details!

    We’ll continue with the Coaster challenges in the coming weeks – be on the lookout for a special Valentine’s Day Challenge soon!

    Thanks for playing RCTW!
    Team RCTW

    New Valentine’s Items:

    • Chocolate Wonders Restaurant
    • Romantic Fence
    • Romantic Fence End
    • Romantic Couple Statue
    • Lovely Heart Light
    • Romantic Light
    • Décor Birdhouse
    • Romantic Bench
    • Lovely Trash Can
    • Chocolate Box Trash Can
    • Swan Fountain

    Bug Fixes

    • Blocker: Game gets stuck in an infinite loading when returning to Main Menu from Mission 1.1
    • Coaster Builder: Invisible Auto-Complete Node
    • Crash: Mission 1.1 – Game crashes when attaching a path from the exit of a ride to the main path.
    • Crash: Game hangs after deleting a medium or large path that clips through the limit fence, changing the path type and repeating the process.
    • General:: The screen briefly turns white the first time selecting a Heat Map filter.
    • General: Grammatical errors can be seen in the topiary scenery descriptions.
    • General: The info box for rotation does not show up when rotating PxP and coaster tracks.
    • General: All rides will show up as closed when loading a park.
    • Lighting: The first light you place does not have lighting.
    • Options: The option window will not be centered on a 4k monitor with 4k resolution.
    • Pathing: Paths and Queues can be created unrealistically low over other paths, in some cases causing terrain to overlap the underlying path.
    • Pathing: After modifying a path to a new texture, the path is no longer selected.
    • PXP: New Modern PxP Extras screenshots/thumbnail shows beneath the pieces, instead of the top.
    • Save/Load: Resuming Mission 1.2 when the Fame Event has started but the Influencer has not arrived will cause a hang on the loading screen.
    • Save/Load: Prevent forbidden characters from being used in filenames.
    • Scenery: Some scenery cannot be displayed as selected.
    • Scenery: The Wondrous Arch is labelled as global scenery while it should be adventure themed.
    • Terrain: The coasters supports levitate when the player selects to ‘Flatten’ the terrain.
    • UGC: Offline screen is missing.
    • UI: Broken rides do not always have a wrench UI icon.

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    So what about the flat ride animations you were supposed to fix a year ago like for example the troika?
    Was super important priority according to what mattlab posted a year ago:
    Making sure the cars swing is a detail that's super important to us too and is something the team is working on now actually - we just really wanted to show this awesome realistic ride to you all!
    Yet it seems like you never heard of the issue or are ignoring it completely now even though the developers were fixing it a year ago...

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    Not many bug fixes here, no new rides either, however the new scenery looks quite nice

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    Not anything to fire up RCTW again. Will be waiting for next update with Flatride fixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Verhoeven View Post
    Not anything to fire up RCTW again. Will be waiting for next update with Flatride fixes.
    Yep.. Just polish and fix what you have, like the flat ride animations and then instead of adding new assets no one asked for they could just add rest of the features that they originally promised.

    The valentine assets look good, but it really does not add much imo when the core game is still lacking.

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    The new items look quite nice, but there are still some bugs left from the previous update which require attention. For example, the "depth of field" option in the graphics menu will turn the screen extremely blurry, whether it's set to low, medium or high. The screen only returns to a visible state when this feature has been turned off entirely. Secondly, many textures which used to be transparent (such as the roof and the fences of the Sci-Fi coaster station and the roof of the crashed UFO centre piece) have become untransparent since the last update. Another bug I've found is that the speed marking of rollercoasters is invisible after it has been tested (the colours are visible, but not the numbers). I hope these issues will be addressed in the next update. It would also be great to receive some more information on what the developers are currently working on, as we are usually kept in the dark. Anyway, keep up the good work!
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    The Valentine stuff is cute, but seriously, I don't care about it. Why add more stuff to a broken game? What I do care about is fixing the stuff that needs fixing first. It would be wonderful to have the flat ride fixes, color saturation fixes and remodeling of the guests. The ability to place entrances and exits on the rides would be lovely, as well as fixing the path system so we are not limited by nodes.

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    Updates look great. Look forward to using them in my parks.

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    I have to be honest, I was hoping for more bug and performance fixes. Not more Scenery Items. Surely their time would have spent better spent fixing the scenery items that are already in the game before adding/creating new ones.

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    I agree with the sentiments of everyone else here: new assets look nice, but there are a plethora of other things that should be taking priority. It's insane that the troika animation still hasn't been fixed... Also, will the stupid, EXTREMELY annoying white outlines on all rides/shops when hovering over with mouse, ever be removed? They ruin any sense of realism the game has going for it. Outlines should only appear when selected, and for rides it should only be the base/stations. Nobody wants to see their rollercoasters encased is a stupid, bright, white line. Yes, we also need placeable entrances/exits (forget about movable park entrance I guess...or park shapes outside of squares/rectangles), and recolorable flatrides, but I have long given up hope on that part. From a statement by someone from Nvizzio in a stream once, I remember them basically saying, it would be too hard to implement now/take too long, and it would have needed to be a feature from the start...two responses to that:
    1. Why the crap was it not a forgone conclusion to include that feature from the start????????????
    2. I don't care how long it freaking takes, just do it. This game has been in developement for at least 2.5 years, close to 2 with Nvizzio, almost a year since EA, and 3 months since "full launch"...yet that's not enough time?????

    Lastly, I'm still waiting on the supposedly guaranteed transportation rides in "early 2017". With how long it's taking, they better be damn good. Multiple types of trains, monorail cars, recolorable, etc. Water and dark rides seem like a lost cause. Custom music anyone? The music selection in this game is crap...poor quality and tiny selection. Would love to plug in the classic RCT songs.
    End rant.
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