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    Sprightly Park

    Ive been playing all the Parks and had no trouble so far but with the Sprightly Park i can not find a way to solve this one. I googled alot ond on the RCT 1/2 versions it was possible to charge for the rides and therefor there was a chance to pay back the loan... but in the classic version it is either entrance fee OR charging for rides... and for me that means there is absolutely no way of reaching the goal cause all you can do to make money is sell Food and Store items and that wont possibly cover 3-4 k loanpayments... Anyone figured a way?


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    I did a lil' math and i came to the conclusion, that it isnt possible to solve this park.

    If i calculate the profit from 1500 entry payments (600 visitors at the start but i asume around 600 leaving over the duration of 3 years). In this case i will assume 35 € beeing the price ppl pay if i dont build any attractions (there is no money for that)
    -> 35 € * 1500 visitors = 53.200 €

    Also i calculate all the profit made from shops/food/drinks. Taking a raw profit average 1500 € per month (what allready is realy high)
    -> 12 months * 3 years * 1500 € = 54.000 €.

    Now with the full dept only thhe loan payments are 3200€+ per month. Meaning a total of 12 months * 3 years * 3200 € = 115.200 €.

    Take into consideration, that i did not calculate spendings for mechanics and keepers~.. also not in that calculation is the money that would be needed to build attractions to actually increase the visitor number to 1500...

    So in my books this park is unsolvable the way it is now.

    Any other oppinions?

    (I know the visitor numbers are just a guess but even if there would be 2x the money made it would be fairly impossible to even outpay the debt payments...)

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    I think, theoretically, you should be able to get more than 1500 visitors. I'm looking at my Evergreen Gardens save, and I have 3300 guests visiting by October 15th of Year 4. The first 300 got in for cheaper, but I'll assume that I had 3000 guests enter at my final price of $70, which means I'll earn at least $210,000 from admissions. Sprightly Park is a three year scenario, so that translates into about $157,500 for three years. I know you used 35 for your calculations, but you can definitely charge more than that after you build some rides, and you definitely should while you still have money (i.e. before the loan payments eat away at your initial capital!)

    Did you also charge insane prices for your umbrellas? You can charge the maximum for umbrellas ($20) when it's raining. The minimum length Go-Kart tracks can also be a nice boon. Just build a minimum sized six tile Go-Kart and set it to 10 laps to provide an entertaining and very cheap thrill ride.

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    So I played Sprightly Park recently as well. And I was losing money too, though I could never make it. But even without any money I made it. All I did was build 1 Rocket Ride roller coaster and some stalls, then some food and benches. Then all I did was have one handyman keep my park spotless all the time and that made my guests hardly leave. The amount of people coming in was low, but stable. I ended with 1640 guests and -30.000 on top of the full 265.000 loan. Apparently people won't leave if they just think the park in too crowded, as long as the paths are clean they won't leave.

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    I didn't play this scenario but I would check what the minimum amount of money is people have before entering the park and adjust the park entry to it, in general I think it was 48$. I would not set it too high because of the people who cant enter, thats loosing cash too.
    People with more money will spend it to food or umbrellas( I make it cost 20$ too, no matter if it rains or not, I'm lazy) and more important dont build toilets or cashmachines, people will leave if they have to pee and this does have just a minor effect to the park rating.

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    There was a balancing adjustment to this scenario in a recent update (both iOS and Android will have it in the current version).

    Hope that helps.

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    I had the same problem but solved it a few weeks ago.

    at first, pause the game constantly in the beginning to avoid further loose of money. Build all the stalls and ask about 50 cnts more than usual. Max the umbrellas. Remove all the rides. Sack the handymans etc. Take back one handyman and one mechanicien without footsteps and if possible, sell many of the road. Also get max searching on gentle and thrill rides.

    Make the entrance about 50 and start building. Than start building up the park again. Build a logflume as simpel as possible. Station, drop, actioncam. Same for the pink rollercoaster (which is only be able to cable up in bends). Those two small attractions wil make a small profit.
    Than start building ONLY gentle and thrill rides. If able, try building 2 of 3 of the same type. Be sure you Will stil pause the game constantly.

    Many people will come to your park and you will make profit. You will be able to rasse your entrance tickets to around 70. If not building, lower your loan.

    I ended up with 2500 peolple and a loan of 30k. I think its possible to end without a loan either.

    edit: they have decreased the loan from 3000 to 600 a month since the last update. Its easy now.
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    The update made it fairly easy
    Thanks for your suggestions tho'

    The original park in the original RCT was made so you could ask for fees on rides, and that way it was almost as easy as now!

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