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Thread: uploading to workshop

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    uploading to workshop

    I've seen a few posts, particularly relating to UGC, about people not being able to make things public on the Workshop.
    I think I've worked out how to do it:
    Open the 'My Activity' speech bubble in the bottom right of the main menu, the first time you do it in a session it brings up all the workshop content under 'My Activity/My Content' tab.
    Switch to 'Blueprints/My Content' and you will only see options to enable not make public on Workshop, if I go back to 'My Activity/My Content' then the options to publish to the workshop appear.

    just thought this might be of use with the coaster contest so that people know how to upload their blueprints

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    Thanks for this Beaker, this is very helpful!

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    Thank you for this information.

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