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Thread: Sharing custom tracks I made

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    Sharing custom tracks I made

    Posting here some tracks I made for RCT Classic. You can download them from RCRgo. Just follow the links. Enjoy!

    Sugar Cube <-- click to download

    Compact side friction track with high excitement and low nausea. Designed in RCT Classic (mobile), compatible with RCT2. Just for fun everything fits into 10 x 10 game tiles, including the queue line.

    Excitement: 5.87
    Intensity: 6.73
    Nausea: 3.88
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    Cascade <-- click to download

    Flying turns track with high excitement and low nausea. Designed in RCT Classic (mobile), compatible with RCT2.

    Excitement: 5.81
    Intensity: 5.94
    Nausea: 4.73
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    Red and Blue City Tram <-- click to download

    2 tram tracks running parallel to each other in the opposite directions. Designed in RCT Classic (mobile), compatible with RCT2. Place one track on top of the other so the station platforms are side by side.

    Red Tram
    Excitement: 3.51
    Intensity: 0.34
    Nausea: 0.03

    Blue Tram
    Excitement: 3.48
    Intensity: 0.34
    Nausea: 0.03
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    Wow, redbobcat, those are LOTS of creations! I have just recently picked up this game for my iPad and I will be checking it out later today! I will be sure to post up some screenshots of my creations too!

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    Sorry about duplicate posts. I've removed them. For some reason replies required to be approved. I thought that was an error and kept trying to post again. Hence the duplicates. Will share some more tracks soon.

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    I think the best would be to just direct everyone to my downloads page at RCTgo, this way I won't have to post twice. Here you go:

    Custom parks and tracks by redbobcat

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