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Thread: Minor Bug

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    Minor Bug

    Hello! So first I placed the "Old Town Plaza" and it placed fine but had no path around it. So I go to delete it and the delete tool wouldn't find the park to delete it. I ended up using the mass delete tool which worked fine. I then go to try and place it again, and It crashes the game.
    Another small bug I just encountered was when I was looking at Steam Workshop in the game and was unable to rate and of the workshop items.

    Whoops! I guess I should look over the name before I hit submit. Kind of put an a at the end of bugs.
    FIXED, Thanks.
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    Just found an additional bug, not sure any specifics on it, but when I went into the game today and then deleted the coaster I started to build yesterday. Once I deleted it I started to build a new PxP building and the game crashed, I then went into the game again, and it crashed once again.

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    Yeah there are a number of bugs with the PxP I think going from my own experience and that of both faceless and majherbhead resulting in what appear to be random crashes

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    Also - you're probably going to know what I'm going to say but logs and saves would help the guys at the studio out

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    Hello and thank you for contacting us.

    This issue is known and our developers are currently working on a fix, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Thank you for sending your reports as they help us improve the game.

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