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Thread: Cannot install Update v1.0.7.1701130 on Android

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    Cannot install Update v1.0.7.1701130 on Android


    I am playing RCTC on Android (Galaxy Tab S2).
    Referring to my settings, version is installed on my device, meaning that I am missing the newest update
    In Google Play Store I cannot install the newest version although it says there. There is no "update"-button or anything else. The only option I have is uninstalling. Even when I am doing this and installing the game again from Google Play Store it still seems to be the old version The import function still does not work which should be fixed in the newest version as I have read here in the forum.
    So how do I install the update

    Thanks ahead for your help.

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    Problems with different versions being shown in GooglePlay can sometimes be down to it's cache not being refreshed properly. If you go to Settings / Apps / GooglePlay Store or GooglePlay Games / Storage and clear cache, this may resolve the store showing the correct details.

    If you have then this is the latest live version as of Monday 6th February.

    What is the issue with the import function that you're experiencing?

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    In the game when clicking on Import there is a message saying I have to open the file within the mail.
    When clicking on the sv6-file attached to the export-mail, there is a message saying that there is no application to open this type of file no matter if RCTC is opened or closed in the background.

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    When you've installed the game it should have notified your device of which file to open. Which email client are you opening the file with?

    Could you try opening the .sv6 file directly using a file explorer or another email client?


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    I tried it with a file explorer and still got the Same message that there was no application found for this file.
    I am using the standard email app which is installed on the Samsung Tab by default.

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