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Thread: 2017 Coaster Challenge!

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    The Community has spoken! The winner is in! I am happy to share that Beaker86 has won the votes for this Coaster Challenge!

    Congrats Beaker!

    The reward for this challenge will be an Atari Vault Steam Key that I will send through private message here on the forums so please keep an eye out on your inbox! Next challenge to be posted later and we will start it all off with another poll to vote on the next coaster type!


    (Note: This thread will be closed in 24 hours of this post to keep our forums clean and tidy)

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    Well done Beaker!

    Can't believe only 7 people voted though. Thought there would have been more.
    More people have subscribed to the coaster I submitted than the number of people who voted.

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    Thanks majherbhead and yeah slightly disappointed with that number heres hoping we can improve that as the contests go on

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    You are disappointed you won?
    Grats though!

    But I am hoping with you there will be more people joining in on the contests

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    Haha no disappointed with the numbers.
    But things have to start somewhere lol

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    The next competition is gonna be YUUUGE! Come on community, we can do this! Spread the news on facebook, buy your friends a copy, post on reddit, neogaf,shyguys...we have to spread awareness so our great dear game can get the recognition it deserves!

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