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Thread: Post-Release Update #3 - Unity 5.4!

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    Re: Update #3.

    Great Start. I appreciate some of the more obvious surface changes to the game. The improved load times and the snappy UI. There is still a lot of stuff that was changed under the hood, at the base of the game. A Unity upgrade isn't some little change -- it required a lot of work and the new upgrade will allow for better graphics and content for the future. So thank you for the continued updates.

    Stuff that was otherwise difficult to implement with the old version of Unity will be easier to add with a fresher version of Unity. Performance gains, is just part of this update. This is a groundwork update an extra gear in the machine to help it run smoother and to allow for future add-ons. I look forward to seeing the future add-ons too!

    Great Start! Keep it up guys.

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    Ähm... I'm working with Unity... the update is not much work and most of the surface and performance changes are delivered with this update.
    Don't get me wrong, for the game itself it is a big step. But they claim that they did work that belongs to Unity Tech. I don't think Atari helped making the Unity Update.
    And I would like to know why they don't update unity to 5.5, wich would be a second huge step.

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    Thanks for the update! I never experienced crashing before so I cant comment on that but I was experiencing a good amount of lag after the last update. I'm pretty happy with how smooth the game is running after this update. Peeps are still annoying and graphics are still pretty... eh. Love the sunsets and the sky though! :P

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