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Thread: Screen stucks while building

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    Screen stucks while building

    After todays update on ios my screen is stucking while building.
    I can place and replace any buildings in the place i see while having the building interface but im unable to move in any direction i dont see.
    I can change angles but im also unable to zoom in or out.
    After restarting it works for a few minutes but then it occurs again.

    Ios 10.2 on Ipad 4, MD512FD/a
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    This will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime when you're placing your building, ensure you do not try and raise or lower it's position as it then disables the view moving around.

    It will be in Apples hands tomorrow and likely take 24-48 hours to approve.

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    Ok, thanks for the quick reply, explanation, solution and fix

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    I have the same problem since the last update and still no new update out please fix it.

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    Please update to the latest v1.1.0 in the AppStore now.

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