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Thread: HELP ! Content missing!!!

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    HELP ! Content missing!!!

    I recently noticed that everyone who plays RCTW and post on youtube has more content.... you know that new fountain with clams, and that huge waterfall thing with rocks centerpiece, and a few more content. I DONT HAVE THEM!!! Why??

    I had the whimsy update with the flat rides and stuff... but I don't have the stuff I just mentionned...

    Do I need to unlock something??

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    Do you have the standard or deluxe edition of the game?

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    I have the standard... please don't tell me it only comes with deluxe

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    Deluxe has 2 additional locales, 10 additional scenarios, panda entertainer, zipper ride and a TON of additional scenery items like the massive tree centrepiece, various mine type decor items among others. Not sure of the entire list but (depending how you feel about spending more money on the game) for the £3 you do get quite a lot of additional stuff

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    Sorry, but I really had to laugh when I saw the title of this thread. The whole game has missing content, and this forum is missing Atari.

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