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Thread: What I miss on the game, a Wishlist

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    Hi. The importing of a save/ride/scenario through a file explorer was added in a recent Android update.

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    ok thanks for reply, I will update my initial post after work.

    I have still some questions, will or is the usage of a file manager possible in the next ios update too?
    And as I asked in the tech subforum can we access the actually not deletable parts such as custom flatrides and not just trackdesigns?

    It would also be really helpfull if you would make complete patchnotes what you fixed and what is changed in the updates, the former notes were incomplete in my opinion.

    Thanks so far.
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    Unlikely to be support for a file manager on iOS as access to the files would violate the OS restrictions to do so - is there a file manager on the AppStore that you're expecting to work?

    Will get back to you regarding the deletable parts.

    Update notes may be added to the forums for future versions depending on the issues that they address, however specific and minor fixes will not be detailed unless widely reported.


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    Ok thanks,
    I understand the problem with the file manager so far,
    I tested some free file manager which didn't work well for me,
    I think there are other people who are more experienced with it, hopefully someone replies
    A while ago i've also read from a developer to use a specific file manager on ios which works perfectly in free (advertise) mode with their game but i cannot remember which one it was

    I've also read about a workaround for avoiding a filemanager on ios, plugin your device to an computer/laptop with itunes and acces rct folders that way but as long as my laptop is broken i wasn't able to test it

    I think in general a file manager would be important to get multiple imports easily into the game or to make a safety copy/ device change, in my opnion we just need atleast an ingame surface like we have for track designs, maybe just in the same place, to reach the files which we actually cant

    initial post updated
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    There are some file explorers which would assist with this, however we cannot suggest or approve use of a third party application.

    We already support iTunes File Sharing, where you can connect your device to iTunes via USB and can access the local files of the game.
    You can use this to copy files into but it's not the suggested way so could be unreliable. You do of course require the Toolkit to make use of them.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks a lot for the recent update, you have done a great job, there is still some space for improvements but in my opinion it's already the best mobile game available!

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