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Thread: Story mode bug "Amazon Adventure" mission

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    Story mode bug "Amazon Adventure" mission

    When I arrived at the mission "Amazon Adventure" in the Story Mode I noticed that it's not possible to complete one of the objectives. The second objective requires the player to group two coasters together with a piece-by-piece building and this works perfectly well, as the statistics of the piece-by-piece building indeed show that multiple coasters have been added to the building, but the mission objective is still not completed for some reason. I've tried this repeatedly and it seems to be a bug in the story mode.

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    it says
    "build PxP buildings": 2
    "min coasters in group": 2

    you have to build 2 buildings and group them with 2 coasters.
    i was also confused by this. i solved it with grouping just ALL buildings and coasters

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    Ah okey thank you for the information I apologise to the developers for reporting a non-existent bug!

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    Well I've got 3 pxp buildings plus 3 coaters in this mode and it's not giving me the Itime as complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by geduk View Post
    Well I've got 3 pxp buildings plus 3 coaters in this mode and it's not giving me the Itime as complete
    Hi Geduk, you need to have the coasters and buildings grouped.
    To do this select one of the buildings then shift-click on the other buildings and coasters in turn. You should get a pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen saying something like 'these items are not currently grouped' with a button to 'add to group'
    Once they are all grouped up you should be able to progress

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