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Thread: "Interview: Atari on RollerCoaster Tycoon World, Trolls, and Planet Coaster"

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    "Interview: Atari on RollerCoaster Tycoon World, Trolls, and Planet Coaster"

    It's pretty interesting to see a professional claim the game is doing badly because of "trolls".
    That's pretty disingenuous.

    He kept saying they were always listening to the fans.
    The result of that listening is a new track ride, a HUGE requested feature.
    What is it? A premade flat ride. Not what everyone wanted.

    I suppose pointing that out is trolling, in the eyes of Mr. Shallbetter.

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    " I’m not sure how much of it is genuine or how much is just trolling and just hate. It’s hard for us to separate between the two at a time."

    You know what's genuine ATARI/Nvizzio? The insanely large amount of negative reviews on Steam from RCT fans that have poured 50+ even 100+ hours into RCTW. You can "question" the response all you want but it's not going to make your game any better when you just take swipes at the backlash rather than FIX it.

    You took on a multi million dollar franchise with a massive community that spans more than a decade! Did you think there wouldn't be insane expectations and you could just pass the game on to a developer with zero experience in this genre or handling a major franchise? Then when the game turns out to be terrible, you still pat yourself on the back say job well done and blame others for why it's failing.


    “You can’t do the same things on mobile that you can do on a huge PC sim."

    So why are you giving the community coaster and tracked rides that are plopped down like a mobile game?!
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    I'd really like to believe what they say in this article, but sadly it sounds like utter pure lies. If I remember correctly, even in that very first trailer, they were still touting the game would be released that spring (2015), which was only a few months away at most. If they were really planning and switching dev teams a 2nd time, and knew they had tons of work to do still, then why were they still saying it would be released soon? Also, from devblogs posted by Mattlab right after that incident, I don't think he came right out and said it, but he definitely inferred that plans had changed because of fan backlash.

    Really? They listened to the community?? Yeah, sure, maybe a few things here and there, but a massive majority of things we have pleaded for and suggested, still haven't been added or implemented in the game yet, and it's post-launch!!! If they truly believe they have been open and listen to their fans, then they need to take a step back and do some self-evaluating, and I mean that in a very earnest and helpful way.

    "We always try to be transparent with the fan base.” Can't believe I really read that. How about the long spans of time...sometimes up to months on end, with no significant news/updates on progress. Namely the time between the failed Dec 2015 launch (after the "1st" beta weekend) and announcement of EA. There were only a couple blogs posts, featuring nothing of importance, and the future of the game itself was seriously in doubt by many. They almost never give time plans of their progress, and when they do give a date, they often fail to hit it (including 2 launch dates!!) How about, especially of late, the almost non-existent interaction on their own forums with the few of us still posting here?

    The only person (partly because we know so few of the people involved creating the game) I still have respect for is Nookriot. He genuinely seems to love the franchise and always tries to be upbeat, even when you can tell there's some things that obviously even bother him about the newest game. He even takes notes in his streams when fans have questions, and for the most part doesn't blow off people's suggestions or differing opinions (at least in a rude manner). Now, whether or not the devs actually pay any credence to the notes he passes on is a different thing (and I think we all know what the seeming truth is). On the other hand, it still could be Atari pressuring them on time and resources to be able to implement what we all what.

    So in conclusion of this rant: We still don't really know the full truth of this insane 2+ yrs of development. We likely never will. All we know is that the game hasn't met our expectations or lived up to it's own name, unfortunately for everyone; fans and devs/publisher alike. I highly doubt a couple more updates is going to drastically change that opinion for most of us either. I will still occasionally play, but nowhere near how much I would if it was a highly optimized, beautiful, well-designed, and completed game.

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    "...and we were able to get such great input from the community on things they didn’t like, things they liked, and be able to deliver on the things they ask."

    Had to respond to this too. Yes, you implemented a few things we asked for during EA (PxP builder was good, I will give kudos on that), but the majority of promised features on the infamous EA announcement list still have not even gotten to "Alpha" stage in the game, yet alone fully added. Hopefully they're all in Alpha stage at Nzivvio, and they will be in future updates, but this late in the process, it's highly unlikely. Getting other things not confirmed on that list that fans have been demanding for a long time is even less likely.

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    Yikes... just gave that interview a read and the responses to the questions are truly appalling. Some of it even came off as downright childish.

    I was going to go on a lengthy rant, but what's the point when you're brushed aside like a common housefly by being labelled a "fanboy" or "troll"? Some of the comments I've seen by the developers, Twitch viewers and YouTube users have gotten to levels so ridiculous, that I sincerely cannot understand why they blindly support this game any longer. Not with the way it's been handled.

    "Flawless"... come on now...

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    So I read this interview and I have to say that he is partly right, there is a lot of hate out there, and a lot of the rct fans are so disappointed that they just hate the game and diss Atari & Nvizzio instead of giving constructive criticism. I know that especially Atari did a lot of HUGE mistakes in the development of this game and they are continuing to do mistakes. It seems that they are in some kind of childish despite attitude, but to be really honest, most of you out there too. We all have to start to give more constructive criticism instead of just saying "Your game sucks!".

    So please Atari change your behavior & be more open to the fans and listen to the criticism & to the fans, stop the senseless trolling and start to help to make RCT great again

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    Got to be one of the worst and most laughable interviews at the same time I've ever read online in 20 years.

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    If they were "listening to fans" then ride animations would have been fixed wouldn't they? Also the fact that they're trying to place blame on the fan base, tells you that they're admitting that the game isn't good.

    I asked Nook, in the live stream yesterday if we could see the new stuff in action, and he was lovely enough to show us, the caterpillar looks cute, but the layout is terrible (video below) the car ride is single passenger, 5 cars and runs way too fast for the type of ride it is, the Balloon ride spins way too fast, and the maze... looks... I mean, its not really a maze is it? to be completely honest, I think NVIZZIO as lovely as they might be, may be incapable of animating certain things, the giant Frisbee's animation looked ok when I saw it, but the twister, top spin, pendulum / twirling tower and the other stuff mentioned in this post are just... not at a standard of quality that RCT3 was.

    This is not smooth, I don't get why theres a hill at the end of the track either.
    (and its WAY too fast too)
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    Oh I get it. It's our fault it sucks. Riiiggghht.

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    The interview has got to be one of the most self-serving pieces I have ever read. As soon as I heard there would be a true sequel to RCT3, I was so excited I built a computer to replace my ten-year-old workhorse. I was ready.

    Apparently, they were not.

    I'm not a troll, just a disappointed fan. Is the game playable? Yeah, for me at least. But, all the things that a missing that we asked for way, way back in the original forums... just not there. No charm, no transport rides, guests with strange animations... restaurants that don't even contain bathrooms ( a peeve of mine). I thought we'd be getting a 2016 update of RCT3. Be able to build like the master builders over at shyguys world.

    It ain't happenin' so far.

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