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Thread: Post-Release Update #2 - Whimsy Theme and Holiday Decorations!

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    Post-Release Update #2 - Whimsy Theme and Holiday Decorations!

    Hello Tycoons,

    Happy Holidays from all of us at team RCTW! Today, we are proud to announce the release of our next update, chock full of new content including a new theme, a new camera and Holiday decorations, along with additional bug fixes and improvements. Read on for details!

    For this update, we’ve gone BIG!!! We’re adding a whole new theme – Whimsy! – which comes with 3 new flatrides and a host of theme-specific scenery items and PxP items that can be placed instantly in your park or used to design your own holiday creations. Whimsy is a playful, kid-friendly new theme guaranteed to bring a smile to tycoons of all ages. Check out our latest flatrides The Montgolfières, Bugmania and Downtown Traffic below!

    Paired with the removal of Scenery collision that we introduced in our last update, we can’t wait to see how your parks evolve. Remember to share your new creations via Steam Workshop!

    Along with these updates, you’ll also find a number of Holiday items to bring seasonal cheer to your creations. Look in your scenery menu to find Holiday assets including a Snowman, Gingerbread Man, and Snow Globe!

    In total this update includes:
    • 3 Flat Rides
    • 44 Whimsy Scenery (Including Paths & Queues)
    • 6 Holiday Items
    • 60 Whimsy PxP & 1 premade

    Lastly, we have optimized the camera, making it easier than ever to craft your dream park and view it in all its glory.
    And make sure to check out our brand-new trailer, showing off the latest and greatest from RCTW!

    Click Here to Watch!

    Read on for more specific details of the contents for this latest update along with our full list of bug fixes. We’re continuing to work on additional updates and fixes so stay tuned for more details in the future!

    - Team RCTW



    • WHIMSY THEME! New content includes: Whimsy Rides, Shops, Scenery, Paths, and PxP (Look out for the teddy bear icon to denote assets that are part of the Whimsy theme). Full list of Whimsy Theme contents are below.
    • Audio: Deleting sound for scenery assets will no longer be audible once per 2 assets deleted
    • Camera: Updated camera and optimization.
    • Camera: The Ride cam in the Super Flyer no longer freezes mid-air.
    • Content: Whimsy Theme (3 FlatRides and additional scenery)
    • Content: Additional Generic PxP
    • Content: Holiday Items
    • Finances: Marketing UI has been updated to have appropriate screenshots.
    • General: The Deluxe Edition Art Book has been updated.
    • General: Peeps will no longer teleport out of the park after placing a no entry sign on the edge of the starting path.
    • General: Preview image now updates after overwriting a previously saved blueprint.
    • General: Holding left-click over any color and pressing 'ESC' at the same time will no longer cause the in-game cursor to disappear.
    • General: Switching quickly between Stop/Test/Open buttons on a Coaster will no longer grey out one of the buttons.
    • General: Coasters are no longer always highlighted when switching between different sub-sections of the Park Income Heat Maps.
    • General: Heat maps for Shop only is now consistently only showing Shops.
    • General: Peeps now enter the Theatre/Auditorium ride in a more natural order.
    • General: Deleting a queue with peeps on it will no longer result in peeps walking in the air.
    • General: Mechanics now target the closest roller coaster to fix.
    • General: A white stroke highlight is no longer displayed around the entire track during the Test tab if the coaster was edited by clicking on the track
    • General: Placing a scenery object with manual elevation will no longer stop terrain hugging on subsequent assets.
    • General: Selecting Flatland will no longer change the starting wallet amount from $25,000 to $10,000.
    • General: Preview image now updates after overwriting a previously saved blueprint.
    • Localization: "Il" should now be written "oeil" from the hints menu during mission 7 of map 1.
    • Mass Delete: The music of multiple mass-deleted Speakers will no longer be audible.
    • Main Menu: Creative Hub Tabs will no longer retain content from other tabs or lose content altogether when switching through different pages/tabs.
    • Main Menu: Can now unhide hidden items in the Creative Hub.
    • Main Menu: Creative Hub dropdown for Public/Private/Local dropdown now has appropriate text when not dropped down.
    • Missions: Player should now be able to click on whole icon of Tycoon Credits locked item to purchase it.
    • Pause Menu: Fixed bug that caused some of the Pause menu options to be invisible when completing all the objectives in story mission 1-1 and using the Pause menu button
    • Peeps: Peeps no longer take extended periods of time to exit a Closed park.
    • Peeps: Purchases Page now includes park tickets.
    • Peeps: Peeps can no longer enter the park with the carrying a teddy bear animation.
    • Peeps: Tweaks/fixes to Peeps textures
    • Peeps: Fixed bug that caused Medics to sometimes not have their bags in their hands.
    • Peeps: Staff member heat map highlight no longer reverts when picking them up and dropping them.
    • Piece-by-Piece: More fixes to the PxP Grid.
    • Piece-by-Piece: Selected PxP piece no longer remains highlighted even after player finishes the pxp building.
    • Piece-by-Piece: Selecting Add More Packs button within the PxP builder now brings user to the Packs section of the Creative Hub.
    • Piece-by-Piece: All Egypt PxP now match their screenshot/thumbnail image color.
    • Piece-by-Piece: 'Save Blueprint' button in the PxP editor is no longer available after deleting all PxP in the building.
    • Whimsy: Children theme added to Heat Maps.


    Path Posts

    • Lollipop Streetlight
    • Mini Antenna Street Light
    • Wishing Star Street Light
    • Single Star Street Light

    Path Scenery

    • Red Bench
    • Rainbow Bench
    • Bunny Bench
    • Royal Trash Can
    • Wormy Trash Can


    • Lollipop Fence
    • Lollipop Fence End
    • Cloud Nine fence
    • Cloud Nine Fence End
    • Rainbow Fence
    • Rainbow Fence End
    • Mini White Picket Fence End
    • Daisy Fence
    • Daisy Fence End


    • Ginger Bread Man
    • Freezy the Snowman
    • Santa’s Sleigh
    • Blue Rock
    • Egg Rock
    • Mushroom House
    • Yellow Flower
    • Frog Prince
    • Gold Rock
    • Red Rock
    • Spade Tree
    • White Rock
    • Yellow Rock
    • Lollipop Flower
    • Ball Tree
    • Fake Daisy
    • Flowering Tree
    • Bunny Hedge

    Facades & Structures

    • Fable Façade A
    • Fable Façade B

    Center Pieces

    • Snow Globe


    • Whimsy’s Castle
    • Rainbow arch


    • Smiley Meal
    • Mini Momotaro
    • Pasta-tastic
    • Saladman
    • Super Heaven
    • Wacko Taco
    • Heads Up Seven Up

    Souvenir Shops

    • Whimsical Balloons
    • The CarePandas
    • The Magic Finger
    • Eye Magnifiers
    • Hatter’s Hat
    • Shirts R Us

    Flat Rides-Junior Rides

    • Downtown Traffic
    • Bugmania
    • The Motgolfieres


    • Walls
    • Whimsy Castle Wall
    • Whimsy Wall Arch
    • Whimsy White Wall
    • Whimsy Half Wall
    • Whimsy Wave Wall


    • Whimsy Roof Corner
    • Whimsy Roof hat
    • Whimsy Roof Large Cone
    • Whimsy Roof Point
    • Whimsy Small Cone
    • Whimsy Roof Flower
    • Whimsy Roof Inverted Corner
    • Whimsy Roof Mushroom
    • Whimsy Roof Side
    • Whimsy Roof Top
    • Red Roof
    • Red Roof Curved


    • Whimsy Floor
    • Whimsy Podium
    • Whimsy Grass


    • Whimsy Chimney
    • Whimsy Door
    • Whimsy Cloud
    • Whimsy Arch
    • Whimsy Castle Corner Large
    • Whimsy Castle Corner Medium
    • Whimsy Castle Corner Small
    • Whimsy Curved Door
    • Whimsy Large Corner Round Window Open
    • Whimsy Corner Double Round Window
    • Whimsy Corner Standard Window
    • Whimsy Corner Round Window Open
    • Whimsy Corner Round Window Close
    • Whimsy Curved Corner Large
    • Whimsy Rock Corner Large
    • Whimsy Curved Corner Medium
    • Whimsy Half Stripes Corner Medium
    • Whimsy Curved Corner Small
    • Whimsy Half Stripes Corner Mall
    • Whimsy Dome
    • Whimsy Minature Windmill
    • Whimsy Minature Daisy
    • White Halo
    • Whimsy Post
    • Whimsy Rainbow
    • Whimsy Sun
    • Whimsy Tower
    • Whimsy Half Bridge
    • Whimsy Roof Cone
    • Whimsy Roof Flower
    • Whimsy Roof Point
    • Whimsy Roof Side
    • Whimsy Roof Top
    • Whimsy Stairs
    • Whimsy Top Cone

    Deco & Lights

    • Whimsy Door
    • Whimsy Round Window Open
    • Whimsy Standard Window
    • Whimsy Round Window Close
    • Whimsy Square Window
    • Whimsy Standard Window Y Frame
    • Whimsy Plant Lamp
    • Whimsy Minature Lollipop Lamp
    • Whimsy Wishing Stars

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    Junior Enthusiast DanPlayer01's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Downloading now, Can't wait. Keep up the great work.
    I'm still waiting for dark rides and transport rides...

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    Transports are confirmed for early next year Danplayer01 I'd expect thats probably the next update but wouldnt personally expect to see it until towards the end of Jan at earliest

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    The fans would have loved a junior coaster and a tracked car ride that they could make themselves. This is becoming an app game.

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    I think the guest animations were improved. I would still like to see family groups and not as many people walking around the park doubled over. However, as coastercrazy19 says, I would prefer junior rides and tracked car rides (go-karts!) that we can create. The flat ride footprints are huge. Still hate the stick up the butt balloons.

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    Is the animated cutscene at 0:58 in the new trailer present in the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coastercrazy19 View Post
    The fans would have loved a junior coaster and a tracked car ride that they could make themselves. This is becoming an app game.
    Its funny you should say that, I said to someone as soon as I saw the new Flat Rides that they look like they've been pulled from RCT Touch. They're so basic that they actually look like they belong in a mobile game. And the "new" food/drink and souvenir stands....
    And also the new Facades. They're not new at all. They've just been re-named and re-themed.
    Last edited by majherbhead; 12-16-2016 at 08:52 PM.

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    will the game work now??

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    Any day now that Troika ride animation will get fixed. I'm sure of it!

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    May 2016
    Well I have to say I'm not very pleased with this "update" at all. More content and more things wrong. Been in the game for about an hour and found over 20 errors. 24 to be precise, yes I counted. And took screenshots and soon will be posting a rather extensive bug report. This game is getting beyond a joke. Does Nvizzio actually have a QA team that checks this stuff before it goes out?

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