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Thread: Daily Player add me G8ALSK

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    Daily Player add me G8ALSK


    Will send you with pleasure tickets

    Edit: Tnx you all ! so many new friends And thank you all for the tickets.
    And I love to see your parks, inspiring also.

    However don't blame me that I only can send 5 tickets a day.

    I wish I could send more tickets ! So now I send tickets at random.

    Also I send many planes with a gift with the message: "greetings from Cro Magnon"

    So that you know it's me

    Just another simple thing: I receive every day a lot of friend requests wich I always accept, but when I look in my friends list I cant find you because the park names and friends names are different.
    By example I have now some 20 friends named RCT Land ! Who is who ?

    Maybe give your parc a name? instead of the standard RCT Land ?

    Maybe goto WorldMap tap on RCT-Land above in the middle then on the I(nformation)

    and then change your magnate name? Happy building

    Happy building all !
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