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Thread: RollercoasterTycoonWorld.exe has stopped working.

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    RollercoasterTycoonWorld.exe has stopped working.

    Every time I try to start Rollercoaster Tycoon World, I get the RollercoasterTycoonWorld.exe has stopped working error. How do I fix it?

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    ive got the exact same problem it loads the game but then crashes with the same error you have, im running windows 10 and have tried playing around with settings all to no avail. Also tried to contact the admins through this, PM & facebook but as yet herd nothing. it seems like a compatibility issue in some respects as i had it running on windows 7 no issues

    hopefully you get a reply from someone with an answer!

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    I hope we both get our games working again.

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    The last time they responded to the forums was November 17th when they released the game and tried to pretend that they cared. A couple of days later they went into hiding and it has been dead silence since. They do not respond, they ignore with an occasional "update" that doesn't address anything major.

    One of their own dev's/programmer said in a recent Twitch stream for RCTW that they haven't responded in a while because they're sick. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating, that was their excuse for why they don't communicate anymore.

    I don't think they put a lot of effort into RCTW, it has moved to RCT Touch. They probably have a couple more pity updates left and boring Nook streams that don't sell the game at all but that's about it. Don't expect your issue to ever be addressed or fixed.
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    That's not right. I'm going to try reinstalling the game and if it doesn't work after that, I'm going to forget about RCTW forever.

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    Reinstalling will probably be your best bet. I believe you can also check your game files through steam without doing a re-install.

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    Kinda like what Forgath said I always verify the game cache after an update is installed. Sometimes the game will re-install itself if a file seems corrupted.

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    I tried reinstalling RCTW then I verified the integrity of game cache on steam and all the files were there. I started the game again and it still says RollercoasterTycoonWorld.exe has stopped working. What should I do now?
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    Could you upload dxdiag and game logs?
    Logs are at
    C:\users\YOURUSERNAME\appdata\locallow\nvizziocrea tions\rollercoastertycoonworld\logs

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    How do I upload the dxdiag and logs? I don't see a way to upload files to the forums. Do I just copy and paste them? Because there's a lot of logs.
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