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Thread: Scenario 35

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    Ooops i AM in trouble i can't finish this level little help please ?🤔😉

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    Well done! finally mission 35 is solved Thanks
    However when there is nothing more then mission 50 whats the point to play this anymore?
    Devs wake up plz ?

    Proberly not those are sleeping for a long time, means to say goodbye rctM there are better games,
    bye bye whoever create this game thay are now only invloved with the commercial versions, have fun, make a lot of money, get very rich,
    but I will not send you even a dime or cent, not worth because you dindt answered our questions for 6 months now!

    Advice: always take your customers serious !!!

    bye bye

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    I know right? There is nothing more to do now.. i feel you Andre, spend some attention on your customers/players!
    I realy have nothing to do no more.

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    Money or nothing it's à shame so long everibody 🤔🤔🤔

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    I AM on trouble with mission 43 i need help please 😅😅😅😅

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    "I Can,t send you one photo the level IS finished and doe notre appear anymore." Just like you said before

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    Thanks for no help 😑

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