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Thread: Scenario 35

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    The original ghosthouse has a rating of 6.5. Even after you upgrade it. Only the atari ghosthouse has a rating of 9.0.(the one with the xoxoxo code). Put them next to eachother and you can see the difference. The one with the code has a other colour and a atari logo on it. Thats why it dont work my friend

    And i dont think atari awnsers questions anymore. Im waiting for my "carbon meats steamtrain" question since december now...

    Gr skankhunt42

    Ps: you can beter mail On5 cuz they will trying to help you.
    Ive heared atari has had a ton of mails (you and i know this game has a lot of bugs in them) for this game and they stopped answering them.
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    I am at level 155 and my XP wil not grow UP why ?????

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    I have poor english i am french my code 7m2vmz

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    Build some loops on level 9,0 buy some places if you need it for money build coffeeshops X 20 sell all thé water tout build you coaster it lucks for me good Luck

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    Merci Bernarddazor but I did this all and no luck Can you send us some pictures (cést possible tu envoyez-nous des photos) ?


    André aka Cro Magnon G8ALSK

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    I Can,t send you one photo the level IS finished and doe notre appear anymore put some fireworks and photo perhaeps !!! I Am at mission ,44 and very difficult too good Luck sorry

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    Nono, fireworks et photo does not work, will not increase but merci.

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    Rebuild Cologne Flo's design (coaster on page 1 of this treath) and add this piece to it. The first looping in this foto was Cologne flo's last looping. If you add this piece you will clear the mission.

    Cleared all 50 now, i'm done

    Extra piece:

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    Next level 43 is amazing too !!!!! good luck

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    Allready finished my friend

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