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Thread: Worked before the last update

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    Worked before the last update

    My game will not load now since the latest update. My computer matches the spec needs and I have done the normal delete files but it wont load, it says Roller Coaster has stopped working. It wont even load now?

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    Hi nicole, you just dont seem to have any luck! Im assuming youve made sure you have nothing else running in background and have done a full reinstallation?
    Occaissionally i get the pop up but if i click on wait and see if program responds ot normally comes back to life after a minute or two

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    I know right I finally got it to work. Then the update happened. So after I delete the folder under local it will look. So I click start on a new game it loads to 100% then the program stops working. Nothing is running but I guess stream

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    Try clicking on wait until program responds. Thats one of the places it hangs for me sometimes. Did you do the registry cleaning too?

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    Yeah I did all 3 things the one thread said to do. I can't even get the game to run. The error comes up as soon as it tries to load and it doesn't let you wait. It just closes the program
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    Is it a Steam window that pops up saying the game has crashed?

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    No it's windows error

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    I just ran a troubleshoot. It says incompatible program.

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    Aww **** what version windows are you running?

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    I have windows 10 but it runs it in windows 8

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