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Thread: Coming Updates - Roadmap?

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    Coming Updates - Roadmap?

    Hi there,

    So after this first "post-release" update (which was not bad) can you (Nvizzio/Atari/CommuntiyMangers) please post something like a plan or roadmap for upcoming updates?
    I really want to know on what things you are working on and what I have to expect to see in the future. For example what are your plans for Waterrides/Darkrides, are they coming to the game, and how do they look?

    And I know the most of you in the forum doubt, that something like I asked for is coming, but please let me hope for it. And please don't start your bitchfight Deathtome vs. the others in this thread too

    Sincerly Caine717

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    Something we've been asking for for months so I wouldnt hold your breath lol.

    What I can piece together so far is that we are getting another update before Christmas so hopefully like Halloween we'll get a small selection of new assets for Christmas/Winter with that and they have previously announced Transport rides free DLC for early 2017.

    Months ago they were working on upgrading the engine to Unity 5.4 so hopefully that is still trundling along and we'll get that - possibly early next year with transports (?) and I hope they then work towards Unity 5.5 which has just become available.

    Then who knows hopefully some of the previously announced features (dark rides/mini rides will follow after that)
    Although it was 2 weeks from release for them to patch rhe black screen the update was quite full and if they can keep up pace like that the game can only continue to get better.
    I would imagine they have a magic number somewhere for revenues to continue supporting the game (this will include other revenue streams such as the new headphones, and Arari licensed merchandise like tshirts etc and any income from Rct4 and Touch i would imagine)

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    Atari has claimed in another thread that dark rides are already in the game, so don't hold hopes for those to ever come.

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    It's very much likely that their "Road map" is mostly about RCT Touch and Rokh and a lot less about RCTW. They can only spread their small dev team so thin. They just released "new" content that just stripped it straight from the deluxe edition and threw in a couple of vases.

    I don't quite know what people are expecting anymore, it's becoming clearer that they're moving on to other projects while they throw a bone at RCTW once in a while.

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    Please give us a roadmap.

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    Not going to happen as Atari claimed it was because they released too much information in first place that the community/evil trolls turned on them which eventually led to bad reviews.. ;\

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    And yet another spambot... where are the mods??

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    I could not have said it better myself. Perfectly sums up the thoughts of the community.

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    It is sad that us so called "trolls" were completely right about development ceasing as soon as the game was released.
    Nearly every single update since actual release has just been filler asset stuff that they most likely bought from a asset store and just quckly imported into the game.

    Looking at steamdb shows that they are not even updating the internal build anymore with last updating being more than 15 days ago, while before release it was updated nearly daily.
    It seem to me like they have one single person left or something adding asset now and then just to give the ilusion that they have not given up on it.

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    @boxman: completely right, to get a few unanimated scenery item, only requires the attention of 1 animator, part-time, and maybe not even, if they had library made prior to release.

    I'd like to know WHO, in the community, was requesting all the holidays crap packs so hard it all made it the top of the list? (this is a rethorical question!)

    This is one of these day when I would like to be a fly or other insect to assist at Atari production meeting, to see how hard they laught at us.

    Ah wait, there is no factual indications that there would be RCTW production meeting happening, it would cost money.
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