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Thread: Post-Release Update #1

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    Post-Release Update #1

    Hello Tycoons,

    Welcome to our first post-release update of RCTW, and thank you to all who have been playing and building parks since launch. In this update we have a plethora of fixes and optimizations to make the RCTW experience even better!

    Firstly, we’re excited to add a feature that many tycoons have requested: No collision on scenery assets! Now you’ll be able to place scenery items exactly how and where you want them. We can’t wait to see what your peeps will encounter in your new parks. Remember to share your new creations via Steam Workshop and utilize the enhanced creativity that this brings.

    Secondly, we are making the Egypt Piece-by-Piece pack available to all players, while also adding a ton of new pieces to bring even more life to your Egyptian -inspired creations.

    We’ll be rolling out another update before Christmas that will bring some fun new content to the game along with more bug fixes and polish.

    In the meantime, read on for details of the contents for this latest patch along with our full bug list.


    Team RCTW




    General: Manual has been updated.
    PxP: The Egypt PxP pack is now available to all players. Several new items have been added:

    • Tall Egyptian Brazier
    • Geometric Egyptian Brazier
    • Wall-Mounted Brazier
    • Tall Clay Vase
    • Wide Clay Vase
    • Wide Clay Pot
    • Round Clay Vase
    • Balanced Clay Pot
    • Clay Jug
    • Clay Cup
    • Clay Bowl
    • Egyptian Queen Statue
    • Egyptian Pharaoh Statue
    • Pharaoh Sarcophagus
    • Hieroglyphic Offering Mural
    • Hieroglyphic Celebration Mural
    • Hieroglyphic Gods Mural
    • Hieroglyphic Script Mural
    • Hieroglyphic Ra Panel
    • Hieroglyphic Bastet Panel
    • Hieroglyphic Thoth Panel
    • Hieroglyphic Anubis Panel

    Bug Fixes

    • Camera: Nodes on Coaster Creation no longer throw the camera far above its intended location.
    • General: Optimization and Polish.
    • General: Black screen no longer occurs when launching the game with an old save in their Steam Cloud Saves.
    • General: The first Constellation Plaza can now be moved and deleted once placed.
    • General: Spinning coaster benches will now spin during the second test of the coaster, and will not spin extremely fast either.
    • General: Player can no longer modify a path with a locked path texture.
    • General: Peeps no longer exit the 'Merry Go Round' ride while the ride is running.
    • General: Ring of Fire textures and UV small modification.
    • General: All stats update in real time when peeps are on rides.
    • General: Marketing can no longer be purchased even if the user is lacking the funds to do so.
    • General: Deleting a Train while paused in the Coaster editor will no longer prevent any further train editing until unpausing.
    • General: Rings of Saturn ride animation transition has been smoothed out.
    • General: The Cobra Roll Small Right Specialty Track in the premade Floorless Coaster "The Spinning RIPjaw" no longer has supports that will collide with the train.
    • General: Delete and Cancel buttons are now greyed out when nothing is selected with Mass Delete enabled.
    • General: Removing water will display money being charged to user.
    • General: Player is no longer able to delete the coaster cars using 'Delete' button, even if the 'Delete' button under the 'TRAIN' tab is disabled.
      RCTW - Scenery - Deleting any scenery will be added in the 'Revenue' instead of 'Expenses' in the 'Finances' tab.
    • General: Staff members can now be picked up whilst the Staff Heat Maps are enabled.
    • General: 'Duration' and value of the marketing items in the finances no longer appear as 0$ when they should not.
    • General: Names for 2 assets - "Stone Fences" and "Chain Link Fences" have been adjusted.
    • General: Deluxe Edition no longer contains assets named "Western Bench".
    • Heatmaps:: Changing a ride theme with scenery now displays appropriate heatmaps.
    • Missions: Provided a fix to progression being reset for some Live users.
    • Missions: Mission 3.5 'Crater of Coasters' - Main objective 'Min Park Revenue : $3000' is no longer completed without meeting the required conditions.
    • Missions: Mission & economy balancing.
    • Peeps: Peeps no longer become stuck in Ride Queues.
    • Peeps: Peeps animation no longer breaks when they are hit by rollercoaster car. (Note: Partial Fix)
    • Peeps: Janitors no longer cleaning up messes far too fast.
    • Peeps: Peep Information window is now closed the moment a Peep leaves the park.
    • Peeps: Peeps animation no longer breaks when adding water on top of them.
    • Peeps: LOD 1 Elbows & Knees and other rigs have been adjusted.
    • Saves: Corrupt Saves are no longer causing the maps to be un-selectable from the Sandbox UI.
    • Scenery: Collision has been removed from Scenery Assets (Benches, Trash Cans, and plazas retain collision)
    • Piece-by-Piece: The 4x4 Grid is no longer broken in various situations.
    • Piece-by-Piece: Builder UI now closes when selecting [Finish] while holding a premade from the Premade tab.
    • Story Mode: Flying Freya fame event VIP peep is now getting inside roller coaster.
    • Story Mode: Mission 1.7 ELBOW ROOM - First objective of the tutorial 'Mind Reader' no longer gets completed even by right clicking on the peep to pick up instead of left click.
    • UI: Mouse wheel is now functional in all appropriate spots in the controls options and legal info.

    New/Known Issues

    • Peeps: Medic animations are off-sync with Peeps on benches.
    • Peeps: Peeps sometimes become stuck in animation loop when hit by a Coaster Train.
    • Peeps: Medic first aid kit becomes invisible when camera is zoomed out.

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    Piece-by-Piece: Unable to place Wide Clay Pot and Round Clay Vase Egypt Extras without crashing.

    Thanks for the new content that we can't actually use!

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    We got a ride fix!!! Spinning coasters!! Next stop Troika.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Verhoeven View Post
    We got a ride fix!!! Spinning coasters!! Next stop Troika.
    It took them a year to fix one ride so you might be waiting a while.

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    Still haven't seen how the spinning coaster is behaving now. :-)

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    That bullet point was a error on our part - those assets work fine!

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    The new egyptian pieces definitely looks good.
    But I really hope next priority is to fix the content already there like the unrealistic as well as missing animation on the flat rides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxman View Post
    The new egyptian pieces definitely looks good.
    But I really hope next priority is to fix the content already there like the unrealistic as well as missing animation on the flat rides.
    Same. I don't think a little Christmas content would hurt though, like they did for Halloween. Let's also get the recolorable option for flatrides already! Idc if it's something hard to do/will take a long time as I saw something similar said by a dev in a stream. Just get as many people possible focused on it, and get it done. It's ridiculous that we have to have all our flatrides look like clones. This goes for movable entrances/exits too.

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    I'm not one that makes a complaining post often. But it seems that this update caused quite a few items gone missing from my game.

    As example: instead of an added pxp Egyptian theme, I only have the general theme ingame now to build with, the other themes are not there anymore.

    Seeing no one else so far has encountered it, I assume it has to be on my end. I'll do a fresh install this weekend and get back to you if that solves it.

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    Reinstalling the game solved the issue.

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