A nifty feature of RCT3 was the fact you could place custom signs. But they're filled with bugs and flaws. Here's a list of things that could make custom signs a lot more user friendly.

  • Static Text: Allow a sign to display a message that never moves, be it carved into stone, wood to make it look like a more permanent feature in the park
  • Custom No Entry Signs: This always annoyed me, I place No Entry signs at the end of a ride exit to stop peeps wandering up there for no reason, it would be good if we could set a sign to the "No Entry" type but add our own message like "Staff Only" or "Ride Exit Only"
  • Different Sizes: Like mentioned in my first bullet point, different sizes of signs would go down amazingly with me and I'm sure many others. We could have a big "Welcome!" sign at our park gate, with smaller "Buy Tickets Here!" signs dotted around. To give a sense of importance around the park
  • Live Information: It would be really cool if we could feed live information onto signs around the park displaying guest counts/ride waiting times etc. So guests could see statistics of the park like in real life

It's just a couple of ideas, but once again I'd love any feedback and suggestions/additions to this thread.