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    Lightbulb Signs

    A nifty feature of RCT3 was the fact you could place custom signs. But they're filled with bugs and flaws. Here's a list of things that could make custom signs a lot more user friendly.

    • Static Text: Allow a sign to display a message that never moves, be it carved into stone, wood to make it look like a more permanent feature in the park
    • Custom No Entry Signs: This always annoyed me, I place No Entry signs at the end of a ride exit to stop peeps wandering up there for no reason, it would be good if we could set a sign to the "No Entry" type but add our own message like "Staff Only" or "Ride Exit Only"
    • Different Sizes: Like mentioned in my first bullet point, different sizes of signs would go down amazingly with me and I'm sure many others. We could have a big "Welcome!" sign at our park gate, with smaller "Buy Tickets Here!" signs dotted around. To give a sense of importance around the park
    • Live Information: It would be really cool if we could feed live information onto signs around the park displaying guest counts/ride waiting times etc. So guests could see statistics of the park like in real life

    It's just a couple of ideas, but once again I'd love any feedback and suggestions/additions to this thread.


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    It would be nicer to do this instead of creating custom scenery for every park.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0BobTheJanitor View Post
    It would be nicer to do this instead of creating custom scenery for every park.
    I'm thinking it should have both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCTW1 View Post
    I'm thinking it should have both.
    I agree, we should have the in built freedom to make customisable signs but the custom content aspect should be available

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    park route signs where guest can easy walk through the park with a map also a first person mode wil made this look like a real advanger to me that i can enjoy a rike and easy find the way in a park from one of my friends

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    Here's an example of a queue line sign as taken from Alton Towers Resort in the UK. You can see each ride is listed and the queue wait time is also there so guests can make an informed decision over which ride to go to


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