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Thread: Game saves deleted in sandbox

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    Game saves deleted in sandbox

    My game crashed in sandbox making a PxP item. tried to reload, did not work, tried an older save, did not work. according to resume button I have no saves. In my content window, the save show, but will not load, just freezes game. tried 8 times to reload and doing a Verify integrity game cache.

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    Are these new saves made since tje update last week or during Early Access?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    Are these new saves made since tje update last week or during Early Access?
    All new saves, after release, all old saves were all deleted. still cant load them after 22nrd November update, its like the old save bug, loads and get stuck 100percent load screen, you can here the game working in the background. and the memory counter is over 5gig, you just cant play the save from sandbox. scenario saves work ok, not crashed on them yet.

    Ok an update on my save games, after starting a new park on a different map, and reinstalling the game from scratch, I spent another 5-6 hrs making a new park, the game slows down again, at this point I saved the game twice, to make sure it works, reloaded the game, and again I get same problem, game will not load saves, it seems like I have to many assets in game, after I get past, of adding around 300 items, its time to have save crash, it don't matter what items they are, PxP rocks trees, anything, it will no longer load those saves, and yes ive tried 2 hard drives, steam cloud, reinstalled, deleted all folders. now just give up playing. I can go back to old saves, soon as I add another 50items or so, it slows down, and corrupts the saves.
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