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I personally think that this is a very wasteful idea, although i would be great to have all these ideas in the final game its very hard for us non harcore gamers on out small computers. I think that the idea to view the park from the peeps view is a must but a peep mode is a step too far! Imagine trying to get from one end of your park to the other it would take hours (exaggeration but you get the point) If i had to view another persons park from this mode and queue for stuff i wouldn't want to visit many parks. Jonny Watts was my favorite in RCT3 but i don't think it needs to go much further than this.
You wouldn't need to go into this mode it's for players who want to enjoy the scenery an their will be transport rides but if it's that bad I'm sure their will be some form of teleporting or you just pick the closest peep you want to play and play it