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Thread: Peep control

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    time is almost up!!!

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    almost at the deadline!

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    3 days left!

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    the yes wins!

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    I do like the idea of first-person. But I think the added idea of not taking over any Peep should be considered. It'd be kind of neat to have a generic Peep you could send in any time, especially if it's one you can customize a bit (not unlimited, cause troll builds, and shirt-images, etc) and wander around as is.

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    Be a peep

    I would love the option to become a peep walk around the park with my own control like using WASD an mouse to look around I understand theirs going to be a peep cam but I want to be able to control it so I can look at rides and actually look and get the feel of being their just an idea I can't imagine it being to hard to implement before release or even after

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    An this could also be implemented to online an walk around the park in multiplayer maby even costomise your peep to look different from your friend

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    Add this feature an option to do it with the Oculus Rift / Gear VR / Morpheus in multiplayer and Atari will count $$$

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    Definitely! I was thinking the same thing, being able to control a peep would be awesome! The Oculus Rift / VR thing would just be a bonus, that's bound to make the game more enjoyable .

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    Please use the search function before starting a thread.

    There are quite a few threads already created about the same topic. If you want to support the idea, you can do so by posting in the thread that has been made already for that topic.

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